Definition of unobtainium in English:


(also unobtanium)


  • A highly desirable material that is hypothetical, scientifically impossible, extremely rare, costly, or fictional, or has some of these properties in combination.

    ‘what type of cabling are we talking about, steel, composite, unobtainium?’
    • ‘‘It's made of carbon, aluminium, titanium,’ he revealed, before, perhaps sensing that his audience wasn't suitably impressed, adding: ‘and, er, unobtainium.’’
    • ‘Indeed, the claims made for this technology sometimes make it sound like the legendary aerospace material ‘unobtainium.’’
    • ‘But the Japanese 8mm Nambu cartridge might as well have been made of unobtainium.’
    • ‘Veteran space industry analyst John Pike, director of, likes to joke that the required substance should be dubbed ‘unobtainium.’’