Definition of unobtainable in US English:



  • Not able to be obtained.

    • ‘And when they are, they're entirely unobtainable - and it's hard to convince a man that you're the girl of his dreams while tearing his ticket…’
    • ‘You can whine all you want about the way men treat you (usually, like dirt), but it's the challenge of obtaining the unobtainable that thrills you.’
    • ‘Then I found their phone number was unobtainable and they didn't return my emails and now my fears have been confirmed.’
    • ‘Tea has stayed with me as a drug of choice where others have palled or become unobtainable.’
    • ‘They grow well enough in several states but are unobtainable in Washington.’
    • ‘The call is diverted, the number unobtainable, the voice at the end of the line is not the person in charge.’
    • ‘Some things are just plain unobtainable: it's impossible, for example, to find blue fountain pen ink in the standard cartridges around here.’
    • ‘That would mean that a majority of senators could establish a new rule allowing debate to be shut off with only a simple majority, not the usual and nearly unobtainable sixty-four votes.’
    • ‘For want of insights and data often unobtainable from the corporate media, the public opinion vital to US democracy has trouble remaining vigorous and informed.’
    • ‘His website is still up and running, but his telephone number is unobtainable.’
    • ‘My mission was to explain this with baffling technical jargon and pie charts - mmmm, pies - while Stella's role was to talk money and promise unobtainable IT related happiness.’
    • ‘It was published in 1937 so is probably unobtainable now (though you could try abebooks), but it was a marvellous autobiography by a man who edited pulp magazines.’
    • ‘It's an unobtainable dream world that some feel safe in and like to escape to.’
    • ‘Twentieth-century bonbons and sweets made in France include numerous skilfully marketed regional specialities, traditional or modern, unobtainable anywhere else.’
    • ‘The novel is not about a quest to find this rare, priceless artefact, but about the emotional fall-out from suddenly fulfilling a dream, an unobtainable dream which he has used to insulate and protect himself.’
    • ‘But there seems no reason why this scheme should not work and provide an otherwise unobtainable massive injection of resources for a financially hard-hit National Health Service.’
    • ‘They were so sexy and unobtainable that leading royals and The Beatles begged for them.’
    • ‘For many young people who feel trapped on an endless treadmill of dreary short-term jobs, interspersed with spells of unemployment, this seems like an increasingly unobtainable dream.’
    • ‘He travelled 400 miles from Tokyo carrying rations for seven meals - food is almost unobtainable in Japan - a black umbrella, and a typewriter.’
    • ‘We know that the targets are challenging but we have no reason to think that they are unobtainable.’
    unattainable, unachievable, hopeless, impractical, implausible, far-fetched, impracticable, unworkable
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