Definition of unobserved in US English:



  • Not observed.

    ‘their courtship has not gone unobserved by Mildred’
    • ‘Pentagon lawyers told Clark that he could not do so because firing unobserved artillery fire would violate the Rules of Engagement.’
    • ‘In many of these poses she is represented as if she thinks she is unobserved; the observer is thus cast as a voyeur.’
    • ‘Police have never been more present across the city, visible in numbers on the streets and watching unobserved via networks of cameras.’
    • ‘That and an ability to melt away into a crowd, slipping unobserved from the scene.’
    • ‘She took advantage of the dark shadow of the doorway to observe, herself unobserved.’
    • ‘The runway faces east/west in a remote part of Scotland, enabling aircraft to approach the base from the sea, unobserved - ideal for covert or secret activity.’
    • ‘And so he now found himself lurking at the warren, enjoying the sense of power that comes from observing while being unobserved.’
    • ‘By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.’
    • ‘Methods such as ML account for both observed and unobserved changes.’
    • ‘I suspect, however, that he is not making the claim about all beliefs but only beliefs about the ontological status of unobserved entities.’
    • ‘He cannot be permitted to go unobserved and unimpeded toward his horrific objective of amassing a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction.’
    • ‘Indirect fires are divided into two basic categories: observed and unobserved.’
    • ‘This is their country and their way of living, the things that I question or query are part of the banality of everyday life for them and often remain unobserved.’
    • ‘Does the same evolutionary predilection lead physicists and mathematicians to see beauty in the unobserved, or unobservable?’
    • ‘To develop our arguments we begin by looking at the joint distribution of all of the observed and unobserved data.’
    • ‘However, the machines whirred on unmanned and unobserved; the staff were on holiday.’
    • ‘During one overnight wash, seeing that it was unobserved it took the opportunity to escape by slipping down said door seal behind the drum.’
    • ‘There's not much you can do about that but don't leave your treasured flower unobserved.’
    • ‘‘We were on a surveillance in Falkirk, watching unobserved out of the back of a vehicle for evidence,’ he says, grinning.’
    • ‘Liukku added: ‘The amount of explosives used was such that it could easily be carried around unobserved.’’
    covertly, without anyone knowing, in secret, in private, privately, in confidence, confidentially, behind closed doors, behind the scenes, behind someone's back, under cover, under the counter, discreetly, unobserved, quietly, furtively, stealthily, on the sly, on the quiet, privily, conspiratorially, clandestinely, on the side
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