Definition of unobliging in US English:



  • Not helpful or cooperative.

    • ‘Amar and his friends tried their best to turn the area into a dance floor, inviting an unobliging audience with some neat hip-hop moves.’
    • ‘Your unconscious will see to it that you forget the book, but you don't wish to appear unobliging and will therefore do everything not to forget it.’
    • ‘In his mind Harry began going over the internal mechanisms of this particular old heap of unobliging metal.’
    • ‘I'm terribly sorry your father and I have been so unobliging, Eleanor, in not perishing in a more timely manner.’
    • ‘One thing is certain, the Fed is now playing a very weak hand, and markets have an unobliging way of exposing and punishing weak hands.’
    • ‘Not only that: he is an unobliging historian, being thin on context and causes.’
    • ‘The Epidamnians in 435 asked Delphi whether they should transfer their allegiance from their unobliging mother-city Corcyra to Corcyra's own mother-city Corinth.’