Definition of unnamed in US English:



  • 1Not having a name.

    ‘a new but yet unnamed African violet’
    • ‘Robert Novak soon after quotes unnamed Administration sources who state that Wilson's wife works for the CIA and is the one who put him up to the trip.’
    • ‘The ‘Vanity Fair’ excerpt, by the way, was filled with unnamed sources.’
    • ‘There are still hundreds of unnamed immigrants being held on INS violation and there are still hundreds of prisoners of war imprisoned in Cuba.’
    • ‘‘We know why people are watching these races,’ said an unnamed campaign aide.’
    • ‘Why should the women in these two texts remain in effect unnamed while the houses are named?’
    • ‘The piece cited or quoted by name five sources as well as an unnamed media critic - none expressing any outrage - as well as Guckert himself.’
    • ‘And an unnamed State Department official told us today that, overall, the U.S. welcomes foreign investment.’
    • ‘O'Neill was widely believed to be the unnamed source.’
    • ‘We named 100 Doe's in the lawsuit, a hundred unnamed defendants so if we find out…’
    • ‘The contract between a reporter and an unnamed source - the offer of information in return for anonymity - is properly a binding one.’
    • ‘Leaders like to blame unnamed subordinates but don't like to actually name or fire them.’
    • ‘Some were near the dirt surrounding the gorgeous, heavy trees, but more were splattered on the far side of the lawn, close to unnamed campus buildings.’
    • ‘And you the interviewer, have no way of knowing whether the sex and drug charges, often attributed to unnamed sources, are true.’
    • ‘She told us about the unnamed security consultant, without revealing his name.’
    • ‘The country goes unnamed, but the viewer can fill in a name that probably won't be far off the mark.’
    • ‘Yet, in a matter of such consequence, even having the possibility raised by members of congress and unnamed sources in the administration is a big deal.’
    • ‘This interpretation of events also appears to be one the usual unnamed administration officials are happy to endorse.’
    • ‘Apparently the still unnamed Bush Administration official who illegally leaked the name of Valerie Plame also talked to Judith Miller.’
    • ‘The following is, to the best of my ability, a recreation of the factual debate between two of the presenters who shall go unnamed.’
    • ‘About 15,000 organisms die out or are lost each year, in part because they are unnamed, unclassified, and thus unprotected.’
    1. 1.1 Not identified by name.
      ‘an old couple in an unnamed American city’
      • ‘By conflating the stories in this way the fresco underscores the identity of the unnamed sinner with Mary Magdalen.’
      • ‘Earlier, the ITAR-Tass news agency had said the death toll was 28, citing unnamed officials in the city fire department.’
      • ‘When normal-looking Harry and Tyrone stop in at an unnamed city on their way from New York to Florida to score, they are at first greeted as normal people.’
      • ‘It turns out that they have been placed there by the Jigsaw Killer, a serial murderer rampaging through the unnamed city.’
      • ‘But Britain has continued to insist it has intelligence that Iraq did make such an attempt, passed on by an unnamed third country whose identity has not been revealed.’
      • ‘Extreme care should be taken not to identify unnamed sources in a way that exposes their identity.’
      • ‘The British were engaged, and routed, and then defeated en masse at an unnamed river normally identified as the Thames.’
      • ‘The newspaper, quoting unnamed sources, said city authorities were thinking of introducing the ban to raise levels of public morality.’
      • ‘Everyman protagonist Josef wakes up in an unnamed European city with nothing but a suitcase.’
      • ‘Carole Theriault, anti-virus consultant at Sophos, believes messages in the virus itself may well have helped police identify their unnamed prime suspect.’
      • ‘Although The Machinist is supposed to take place in a large, unnamed American city, it was filmed in and around Barcelona, Spain.’
      • ‘School's out in an unnamed Japanese city and dour young Masao is at a loss.’
      • ‘The family moves out of their unnamed city to an unnamed suburban area to start again.’
      • ‘It was filmed from the right handlebar of Jonas's bicycle as he traversed the streets of an unnamed Third World city.’
      • ‘Back home, in the unnamed city, the grammarian's fourth daughter came of age.’
      • ‘The story takes place in an unnamed Pacific Coast city in 1949.’
      • ‘I initially assumed Degrassi, filmed in East Toronto but set in an unnamed North American city, was another After School Special.’
      • ‘A fugitive escapes to the underground sewer of an unnamed city.’
      • ‘The home team will be bossed by City player-manager Chris Brass, while the away team will come under the guidance of an as yet unnamed former City chief.’
      • ‘City officials granted the unnamed Bush daughter privileged status, carting her out of the danger zone, despite the quarantine in effect.’
      unstated, unidentified, unquantified, undesignated, undefined, unfixed, undecided, undetermined, uncertain, uncounted
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