Definition of unmuzzle in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Remove a muzzle from (an animal).

    • ‘She said a woman was walking in the Hulme Road area with five greyhounds, and two which were lose and unmuzzled, ran into the garden and snatched and ripped the kitten apart in front of her heartbroken children's eyes.’
    • ‘For example, where were the dogs in relation to the interrogation subject, and were the dogs muzzled or unmuzzled?’
    • ‘‘The dogs were unmuzzled but kept on leashes,’ he said.’
    • ‘Cllr Willie Nolan said it was now a macho image to walk, unmuzzled, what he would call killer dogs.’
    • ‘Sometimes, unmuzzled dogs were brought to the cage and encouraged to bark, he said.’
    1. 1.1 Allow (a person or the press) to express their views freely and without censorship.
      • ‘The policy underlying these holdings was to "unmuzzle' licensees so that an early adjudication of invalidity could inure to the public interest.’
      • ‘Bills Would Unmuzzle Churches in Politics.’
      • ‘EFF Fights to Unmuzzle Citizen Journalists on Eli Lilly.’