Definition of unmurmuringly in US English:



  • See unmurmuring

    • ‘Some in awful agony, some painlessly but all unmurmuringly - I with more luck than I deserved escaped with a few bullets through my helmet and haversack.’
    • ‘If you always remember the Lord's Passion, you will unmurmuringly forbear everything. - St. Dimitri of Rostov’
    • ‘As no other person, She had the same feelings as Christ, unmurmuringly bearing the grief of a mother when She saw Her Son persecuted and suffering.’
    • ‘Thus the good man altogether regained what he unmurmuringly surrendered for conscience’ sake.’
    • ‘The crusaders deployed and made no demonstration as they trudged unmurmuringly over the hills of sand unadorned by a patch of vegetation.’