Definition of unmurmuring in US English:



  • Not complaining.

    • ‘He lay unmurmuring for all the tossing of the road over the long miles of the ride.’
    • ‘It is Jesus, the unmurmuring sacrifice, who charges us to, ‘be patient.’’
    • ‘Not precisely a joyless life nor a life lived in negation of God; only a torpid, base life of mostly unmurmuring content, unfit in the main for such a being as man in such a world as this.’
    • ‘A hopeless task; but they continue at it unmurmuring, giving their bodies without stint, as once they gave their labour, to the fields and the sea.’
    • ‘Such is the spirit of meek and unmurmuring submission in which we ought to receive the dispensations of God, however severe and afflictive.’