Definition of unmufflered in US English:



  • 1(of an engine or vehicle) not fitted with a muffler.

    ‘the crescendo of unmufflered 400-horsepower engines’
    • ‘He's the kind of guy who infuriates his neighbors by revving his unmufflered motorcycle late at night.’
    • ‘He croons his tribute to the King despite bugs, heat, sweat and unmufflered motorcycles.’
    • ‘Maybe they decided to find a quieter location after realizing the frequency with which unmufflered motorcycles pass by on the street.’
    • ‘Here we were relatively free of the incessant wasp-sound of unmufflered internal combustion engines.’
    • ‘With the coming of fair weather the birds are chirping and a young mans fancy turns to thoughts of mindlessly riding his unmufflered bike down the road.’
  • 2Not restrained, muffled, or suppressed in any way.

    ‘unmufflered fun’
    • ‘Goes to show, a little unmufflered marketing can go a long way in the sale of unmentionables.’
    • ‘The darling rapscallions known as Space Cowboys are set to assault The Handcar Regatta with 10,000 watts of unmufflered race announcements from their UNIMOG All-Terrain Audio Visual Assault Vehicle.’