Definition of unmoving in US English:



  • 1Not moving; still.

    ‘Claudia sat unmoving behind her desk’
    • ‘She stood in uniform next to the desk, her stance lazy and unmoving.’
    • ‘A good two or three hours of sitting in his chair, unmoving, was just as resting as far as he was concerned.’
    • ‘For three days she remained, unmoving, in front of my stop, and for three days I stepped gingerly over her, holding my breath.’
    • ‘How it ever kept going now was a miracle, and for the last three months it had been stuck, inanimate and unmoving, in the student car lot.’
    • ‘Most of us view volcanoes as static sentinels: bastions of strength and rigidity that are unmoving and unmovable.’
    • ‘When she hit the desk and fell to the ground, unmoving, I wondered to myself if a plea of self defense would do me any good.’
    • ‘Kaos, however, stood unmoving as more demons erupted from the plumes of fire behind him.’
    • ‘A rainbow to me is something colourful for sure, but static in its beauty - tranquil and unmoving.’
    • ‘He stopped when he saw her lying on the ground, unmoving and barely breathing.’
    • ‘The figure stops in his tracks, unmoving and breathing heavily.’
    • ‘As she labored on she, every once in a while, would glance over to the unmoving form behind her then return to the task at hand.’
    • ‘In the midst of it all, she held fast in her prayer, still and unmoving as the flames about her slowly were set to rest.’
    • ‘Behind her stood Akima, silent and unmoving, her eyes piercing straight ahead.’
    • ‘The crunching of now deep snow could be heard from behind her, and she froze, unmoving.’
    • ‘Reading is static and dynamic, unmoving words unreeling in our minds.’
    • ‘Her back was straight and her eyes were closed and unmoving, not even the shifting of the eye looking behind its curtain.’
    • ‘He spoke as if he spoke secrets, his words formed behind unmoving lips.’
    • ‘She stood up before she had time to stop herself, and stood there for a few minutes unmoving, and terribly awkward.’
    • ‘Grim stayed unmoving as the wall closed behind him, a great chill had overtaken him but he turned to her room and took a step.’
    • ‘Her gaze went past him and focused on Michael, who was tied up on a chair, unmoving and lifeless.’
    motionless, parked, halted, stopped, immobilized, immobile, still, static, stock-still, at a standstill, at rest, not moving
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  • 2Not stirring any emotion.

    • ‘All of which takes the sting out of a curiously unmoving ending.’
    • ‘For me, it was boring, and completely unmoving, and definitely didn't showcase their wonderful voices.’
    • ‘Elvis Costello gives a merely mortal performance of unmoving music.’
    • ‘The language is shouted or perhaps sung by one unmoving performer to the other, creating an unearthly effect.’
    • ‘The completely unmoving, unconvincing romance between a wooden Hayden Christensen and an uncharacteristically bland Natalie Portman is only the most obvious clumsiness.’
    expressionless, glazed, blank, empty, vacant, fixed, motionless, emotionless, fishy, impassive, lifeless, wooden, dull, vacuous
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