Definition of unmourned in US English:



  • Not mourned.

    ‘he would die alone and unmourned’
    • ‘How many people died in Africa today, unmourned by ‘the world’, as a direct consequence of the RCC's bio-nazism?’
    • ‘Would that the same could be said for perhaps the most unmourned genre of the 1990s - the power ballad.’
    • ‘It is estimated that the bodies of as many as 100 children lie unmarked and unmourned in St Mary's - all of them former residents of the town's notorious Smyllum orphanage.’
    • ‘It lacks distance between subject and author, but there's enough meat to suggest Browne won't go to the writing desk in the sky unmourned.’
    • ‘The party as he sees it is structurally set on a long, slow, course towards death at its own hand, destined to perish, quietly and unmourned, amongst the cucumber sandwiches when the last arthritic ‘activist’ drifts into the grave.’
    • ‘Happily, increasing numbers of shows, such as The Royle Family, are chucking the canned laughter into the skip of unmourned sitcoms, where it lies next to the entire cast of Love Thy Neighbour.’
    • ‘These house the unmourned losses of the Jewish people and those exterminated in the camps for their sexuality, ethnicity or politics.’
    • ‘You've probably guessed that his Mum was the one who died unhappy and unmourned a couple of years back.’
    • ‘I knew I could never return because soon it would cease to exist, along with the lives, emotions and memories of its inhabitants, the ordinary, forgotten, unmourned, uncelebrated people of history.’
    • ‘Of course, road safety will not improve by one hyped-up case or even by innumerable cases which are just reported as a matter of fact in the media and rightly unmourned.’
    • ‘Maybe blackface is considered an insult and drag acceptable because of some inherent difference between them - or maybe just because no one has yet brought to bear on drag the kind of analysis that sent blackface to its unmourned death.’
    • ‘Croutons and bacon bits are absent and unmourned, but the salad would be better served by fresh Parmesan than the sprinkling of Kraft-style grated that is present.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, back in Chicago, Mary Stachowicz remains in the grave, unmourned by the compassionate folks at ABC.’
    • ‘Unknown and unmourned, the missing immigrant workers’
    • ‘One of the great singing stars of Hindi cinema died unmourned and unhonoured.’
    • ‘But remember, too, as you admire the undulating landscape, with its distant views of the castle, that according to lore, Bruntsfield is where Edinburgh used to bury its unmourned dead.’
    • ‘The summer came to an unmourned end at the height of August.’
    • ‘There are thousands of other corpses of his victims mouldering, unknown and unmourned, in unmarked graves.’
    • ‘Others, imprisoned for life have already been forgotten and will die unmourned and unremembered after a wasted life.’
    • ‘Which is why she feels free to insist that expressing sympathy for the victims of September 11 somehow insults those whose less memorable exits from this cruel world go largely unmourned.’