Definition of unmonitored in US English:



  • Not monitored or kept under observation.

    ‘unmonitored patients’
    ‘unmonitored Internet access’
    • ‘Many foodstuffs, including milk cartons, loaves of bread, and whole chickens have been taken from the unmonitored fridges.’
    • ‘The Keston News Service is no longer operating, leaving a large part of the former Communist world unmonitored.’
    • ‘There were also provisions for weekly unmonitored callsbetween the astronauts and their families.’
    • ‘Somalia has hundreds of unmonitored airports and seaports where weapons and people can pass easily if enough financial incentive is applied.’
    • ‘Wouldn't disinformation "planted" abroad eventually make it back home by slowly seeping in unmonitored via the congested information-rich Internet?’
    • ‘The most serious charge, that he "aided the enemy" by allowing unmonitored use of a cellphone by detainees, carries the death penalty.’
    • ‘The vast majority of HIV-positive people in Yunnan, as in the rest of the country, are thus unmonitored and unaccounted for.’
    • ‘Police used the sentence to warn parents of the dangers of chatrooms and the potential threats caused by unmonitored use of the Net.’
    • ‘The details emerging provide a lesson in how easily cash can evaporate into the fog of an unmonitored war.’
    • ‘No meaningful differences have been observed between the monitored and unmonitored sessions in the past.’
    • ‘The Upton Town Library provides unfiltered, unmonitored Internet access.’
    • ‘During a power outage which left the monitoring system inoperable from January April 1999, the North Koreans consumed record amounts of unmonitored fuel.’
    • ‘The Chippenham Town Council cuts will leave the 30 cameras unmonitored from September, meaning police will not be immediately alerted to crimes recorded by the system.’
    • ‘At a district court in The Hague, Milosevic's legal team sought unmonitored meetings with their client.’
    • ‘He says that the system is broken and because that system is broken, there are thousands of unmonitored parolees out on the streets.’
    • ‘In the middle of the program, he also started demanding kickbacks on the contracts to add to the stream of unmonitored revenue he was already getting from oil smuggling.’
    • ‘About 90 % of deaths due to mesothelioma are due to exposure to asbestos in unmonitored settings.’
    • ‘As Nazia was rostered to work the evening shift, this meant that our product would have been unmonitored for 2 hours.’
    • ‘The Fed lost control of the money supply due to all of the unmonitored private credit creation.’
    • ‘The three gyroscopes normally control the telescope's three rotation axes, and with only two in operation one of these directions will go unmonitored.’