Definition of unmixed in English:



  • Not mixed.

    ‘bold unmixed colors’
    • ‘So if some asshole from a recording studio leaks my unfinished, unmixed and uneven album, consider it a personal triumph.’
    • ‘At this time his work showed a love of pure colour typical of the movement; often he used unmixed paint squeezed straight from the tube.’
    • ‘My surprise was not unmixed with a certain degree of pride, for I realised that the ‘Not From Here’ label had peeled off me for good.’
    • ‘They throw on the nearly completed album - unmixed and untitled - and it sounds fantastic.’
    • ‘‘No advantages in this world,’ wrote Hume, ‘are pure and unmixed.’’
    • ‘His paintings feature bright intensities of color, unique contrast, relationships of space and a palette of approximately 100 pure, unmixed acrylics.’
    • ‘Scoring was done as previously described in Figure 1B. Only the percentage of unmixed cytoplasms category is graphed.’
    • ‘And so am I. After ten days of Welsh countryside, unseasonal sunshine and happy ignorance of the mayhem in Israel, I cannot say that it is an unmixed pleasure to reconnect to the wider world.’
    • ‘So I can't say that I look at the thing with unmixed feelings, but when a project has loomed over your life for so long, there is, for all that, a very good feeling about knowing that it's done, and you can move on to something else.’
    • ‘Or on their own, searching for a place of inner security Chereau's characters swirl about on the empty stage like individual floating particles in an unmixed substance.’
    • ‘But exiled Iraqi poet Awad Nasir's essay on the liberation of Iraq is an unmixed pleasure.’
    • ‘But for the most part observers tend to see so-called exotic peoples as wholly other and to regard as pure and unmixed their motives and responses.’
    • ‘Up close, the jumble of marks and bright unmixed colors is almost incomprehensible, but when viewed from a distance the floral images coalesce and gain structure.’
    • ‘Worse, the fact that biopics are structured as heroic romance makes the possibility of dramatic interpretation of character more remote: the knights of romance embody noble ideals and elicit only unmixed reactions.’
    • ‘Was this the man whose escapades as a young tea planter had once been the subject of discussion among his contemporaries who would look upon him with admiration not unmixed with a tinge of envy?’
    • ‘The value of any color in its pure, unmixed state.’
    • ‘Mixed or unmixed fabric, stitched or unstitched, embroidered or unembroidered, and draped or fitted adorned the bodies of monarchs, priests, rebels, and commoners.’
    • ‘And the ascription of beauty is never unmixed with moral values.’
    • ‘First, Gordon and Jay mounded flour, made a hole in it, and dumped in a pinch of salt and then an egg. Jay's mix came out a bit unmixed, and Gordon slammed his hand into it and sent a cloud of unmixed flour into the air.’
    • ‘One can imagine, for instance, concluding that a friend needs sympathy and help, unmixed with expressions of judgment about whether the friend behaved badly (at least if the behavior isn't too bad).’
    absolute, unqualified, unconditional, categorical, complete, total, thoroughgoing, downright, outright, utter, out-and-out, unadulterated, unalloyed, undiluted, untempered, unmoderated, unmodified, unabated, undiminished, unmollified, unsoftened, unredeemed, unambiguous, unequivocal, veritable, perfect, consummate, pure, sheer, rank, in every way, positive, real, deep-dyed
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