Definition of unmitigatedly in US English:



  • See unmitigated

    • ‘It would be splendidly ironic if the one unmitigatedly good thing he had done is the one thing that would bring him down, but I can't say I'll miss him. 90% of the time he just annoys me.’
    • ‘This isn't unmitigatedly good news, however, as I also have to finish off the Greenbelt talks before the end of next week, and I'm back at work on Wednesday doing student enrolment.’
    • ‘I did miss his nifty moves, but given that every fast Asian pop song I have ever heard has been unmitigatedly terrible, it was probably the right decision to stick with the ballad and the smooth mid-tempo number.’
    • ‘He recounts every rambling thought that ever entered his head, so that reading this book feels like eavesdropping on someone's interminable psychoanalysis: It's often excruciatingly dull and unmitigatedly narcissistic.’
    • ‘One moment, he was an average seventeen year old boy, and the next moment, he was the hero of some novel set in Edwardian London, guiding me gently by the arm into some unsuspected, unpredictable, unmitigatedly wonderful scene.’