Definition of unmetrical in English:



  • Not composed in or using meter.

    ‘an unmetrical poet’
    • ‘A simple harmonized melody for singing the unmetrical texts, principally the psalms and the canticles, of Anglican services.’
    • ‘It is just an unmetrical doggerel written in an incorrect language.’
    • ‘The b - verse is unmetrical unless I am is contracted to ‘I'm.’’
    • ‘During this period of the baroque and classical styles, we have to distinguish ornaments that are fully written out in regular notes, those that are indicated by symbols, be they abstract signs or little unmetrical notes, and those that do not appear in the score but are expected to be improvised by the performer.’
    • ‘Beyond figuring out why they are unmetrical in a narrowly analytical sense, you may want to read them in the context of the poems, thinking about what effect these lines have within the poems.’