Definition of unmerciful in US English:



  • Cruel or harsh; showing no mercy.

    • ‘The country of Romania has been occupied by Turkey and is forced to pay an annual tribute to the unmerciful Turkish Sultan.’
    • ‘Legend states that a long time ago, our ancestors struggled for their lives at the unmerciful hands of the daemon horde.’
    • ‘For the captains who helmed America's largest black-owned businesses, managing those businesses in 2002 was like navigating a vessel in an unmerciful storm.’
    • ‘It is an unmerciful look at the atrocities of the German invasion of Byelorussia through the eyes of a young boy - a boy who ages about 50 years in the course of the film's 2.5 hours.’
    • ‘The End of India has received unmerciful reviews (Karan Thapar injects a nice note of regret as he administers the lethal injection in his review for Outlook), but hey, the reading public loves the grand old man anyway.’
    • ‘Cork gave us an unmerciful hiding in the 2003 final and we'll be hoping to try and make up for that.’
    • ‘Being at the mercy of an unmerciful Ãresource decisionà ®, right at the end of your life, is unacceptable.’
    • ‘Many 21st Century Westerners imagine that there are two Gods; the God of the Old Testament - harsh and unmerciful - and the God of the New Testament - loving and forgiving.’
    • ‘Given the unmerciful way that George W Bush responded to the September 11 atrocity, Hussein is surely doing his best to tempt the president over the edge again.’
    • ‘My mom too, had experienced days of incessant teasing by unmerciful young friends.’
    • ‘Belinda tickled him, she tickled him unmerciful,’
    • ‘Terror, real and imagined, at home and abroad, sit together and spread like an unmerciful cancer through Perowne as the novel reaches its climax.’
    • ‘When he came back to Ireland a few years later he got an unmerciful slagging leaving him extremely sensitive to any mention of Howard Jones or any 80s synth pop for that matter.’
    • ‘I think my last book, I'm Losing You, struck many people as cold or unmerciful.’
    • ‘Killing him would be just as unmerciful as taking the life of someone because they are different.’
    • ‘Concern for their disbelief, the dishonesty of western leaders and the way in which the mass media has everyone in an unmerciful grip.’
    • ‘Hades is not his real name, everybody calls him Hades for his very unmerciful and cruel tactics in battles and wars.’
    • ‘He applied constant, unmerciful pressure even as she bit him savagely on the arm, the sharp pain and bloody marks not even making him flinch.’
    • ‘A growing number of residents have been contacting the Staines Guardian to complain about the unmerciful action by youngsters, who are harming the birds residing in the River Thames.’
    • ‘In the wake of their decision to let Rangers off the hook, UEFA took an unmerciful pounding from the Scottish media.’
    ruthless, cruel, harsh, merciless, pitiless, unpitying, remorseless, cold-blooded, hard-hearted, hard, callous, brutal, brutish, severe, rigorous, draconian, unrelenting, unforgiving, unsparing, barbarous, savage, inhumane, inhuman, stony, heartless, cut-throat, unsympathetic, unfeeling, illiberal, uncharitable, inflexible, intolerant, rigid, stern, strict, punishing, sadistic
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