Definition of unmerciful in US English:



  • Cruel or harsh; showing no mercy.

    ‘deceptively inflated incomes expose many couples to unmerciful taxes’
    • ‘Many 21st Century Westerners imagine that there are two Gods; the God of the Old Testament - harsh and unmerciful - and the God of the New Testament - loving and forgiving.’
    • ‘The country of Romania has been occupied by Turkey and is forced to pay an annual tribute to the unmerciful Turkish Sultan.’
    • ‘Killing him would be just as unmerciful as taking the life of someone because they are different.’
    • ‘The End of India has received unmerciful reviews (Karan Thapar injects a nice note of regret as he administers the lethal injection in his review for Outlook), but hey, the reading public loves the grand old man anyway.’
    • ‘My mom too, had experienced days of incessant teasing by unmerciful young friends.’
    • ‘He applied constant, unmerciful pressure even as she bit him savagely on the arm, the sharp pain and bloody marks not even making him flinch.’
    • ‘In the wake of their decision to let Rangers off the hook, UEFA took an unmerciful pounding from the Scottish media.’
    • ‘Being at the mercy of an unmerciful Ãresource decisionà ®, right at the end of your life, is unacceptable.’
    • ‘It is an unmerciful look at the atrocities of the German invasion of Byelorussia through the eyes of a young boy - a boy who ages about 50 years in the course of the film's 2.5 hours.’
    • ‘A growing number of residents have been contacting the Staines Guardian to complain about the unmerciful action by youngsters, who are harming the birds residing in the River Thames.’
    • ‘Cork gave us an unmerciful hiding in the 2003 final and we'll be hoping to try and make up for that.’
    • ‘Legend states that a long time ago, our ancestors struggled for their lives at the unmerciful hands of the daemon horde.’
    • ‘Belinda tickled him, she tickled him unmerciful,’
    • ‘I think my last book, I'm Losing You, struck many people as cold or unmerciful.’
    • ‘For the captains who helmed America's largest black-owned businesses, managing those businesses in 2002 was like navigating a vessel in an unmerciful storm.’
    • ‘Hades is not his real name, everybody calls him Hades for his very unmerciful and cruel tactics in battles and wars.’
    • ‘Concern for their disbelief, the dishonesty of western leaders and the way in which the mass media has everyone in an unmerciful grip.’
    • ‘Given the unmerciful way that George W Bush responded to the September 11 atrocity, Hussein is surely doing his best to tempt the president over the edge again.’
    • ‘Terror, real and imagined, at home and abroad, sit together and spread like an unmerciful cancer through Perowne as the novel reaches its climax.’
    • ‘When he came back to Ireland a few years later he got an unmerciful slagging leaving him extremely sensitive to any mention of Howard Jones or any 80s synth pop for that matter.’
    ruthless, cruel, harsh, merciless, pitiless, unpitying, remorseless, cold-blooded, hard-hearted, hard, callous, brutal, brutish, severe, rigorous, draconian, unrelenting, unforgiving, unsparing, barbarous, savage, inhumane, inhuman, stony, heartless, cut-throat, unsympathetic, unfeeling, illiberal, uncharitable, inflexible, intolerant, rigid, stern, strict, punishing, sadistic
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