Definition of unmentionably in US English:



  • See unmentionable

    • ‘Essentially, you can use the same formation or attack pattern in any situation, which even includes (with some unmentionably minor differences) battles with bosses.’
    • ‘I think there is a market for a portable spit drainer. You know, like the ones used by dentist assistants when they have to keep your mouth open while the dentist performs unmentionably painful things on your teeth/jaw/gum/emotion?’
    • ‘The sound for that is unmentionably violent and is not likely to be heard anytime soon.’
    • ‘During the past decade, structured flat shoes have been unmentionably ‘out’ and dowdy.’
    • ‘No doubt this is something only a woman can understand, only a woman who had had to submit to that unmentionably horrendous act… for instance, a woman who has been raped by a monster.’