Definition of unmediated in US English:



  • Without anyone or anything intervening or acting as an intermediate; direct.

    ‘History is not some unmediated story of events. It is a construct’
    • ‘For the individual, the religious experience must be direct and unmediated by texts, traditions, or personality.’
    • ‘While in the past the word of God was mediated through the prophets, now God has given direct and unmediated communication by the Son.’
    • ‘More than that, Gibson's use of ‘authentic’ languages is clearly supposed to give the impression of a direct and unmediated rendering of the story.’
    • ‘The Bible does not speak in direct, unmediated ways.’
    • ‘The historian - like the ethnographer - is unable to get at the self directly, in an unmediated fashion.’
    • ‘As the direct and unmediated Word of God the Quran is the primary source of law in Islam.’
    • ‘Minimalist aesthetics and Cagean ideals shared the goal of a more direct, unmediated, authentic art experience that transgressed the boundary between art and life.’
    • ‘It was precisely his insistence upon the importance of personal decision, direct and unmediated by artificial ratiocination, that lay at the root of his rejection of Hegel.’
    • ‘Blogs were supposed to be unmediated, immediate communication, and content that could be delivered on the hoof (via moblogging and WiFi).’
    • ‘In principle, in Islam there are no intermediaries between man and God, the relation being direct and unmediated.’
    • ‘By contrast, the logic of Buddhism relied on natural language and examples drawn from unmediated personal experience.’
    • ‘The Koran is believed to be the literal, direct and unmediated word of God.’
    • ‘He arranges for participants to meet at the park, [and] they then disperse to bring more people back for an unmediated conversation.’
    • ‘There is no narrative voice-over, and so the band members are essentially free to tell their own story unmediated by the film-makers.’
    • ‘For that matter, we do not even have a direct, unmediated grasp of what the Bible says.’
    • ‘We do not have an immediate, unmediated access to Galilee but approach it only through maps, films, photos, books that are produced by somebody.’
    • ‘Mr. Lazarescu recalls the best Cassavetes, a film that allows direct, seemingly unmediated access to its characters and their emotions.’
    • ‘Rather, it asks that we trust a record of things seen and heard, a record direct and unmediated by the knowledge and opinions of others.’
    • ‘Ordinary rural women worship these non-Brahminical deities directly, unmediated by any priestly intervention.’
    • ‘And when this is achieved simply by actors performing in front of us the very unmediated nature of the event lends it a power that is unsurpassed.’
    face to face, personal, head-on, immediate, first-hand
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