Definition of unmarried in US English:



  • Not married; single.

    • ‘Susan Deacon, the health minister, was last week targeted by the Daily Record for being an unmarried mother.’
    • ‘Illegitimacy was no longer stigmatized and unmarried mothers were given all the rights of married women.’
    • ‘They are also much more likely to go on to prison, and girls often become unmarried mothers.’
    • ‘They tried to make unmarried mothers pay more tax and get less benefit than married women.’
    • ‘There will rarely be problems for a legal spouse in a new country - but unmarried partners may both have to apply.’
    • ‘In a few years time I hope to become a pro-choice, unmarried, too-posh-to-push mother.’
    • ‘I shudder to think what your in-laws are going to think of you shacking up with an unmarried mother.’
    • ‘Swindon is the unmarried mother capital of the country, and as a nation we are not happy.’
    • ‘Hundreds of thousands of local government workers have been refused pensions for their unmarried partners.’
    • ‘When I asked how many unmarried mothers in the town do not pay rent or council tax, I was told it was none of my business.’
    • ‘There is an irony in comparing how the law is moving in relation to married and unmarried couples on this issue.’
    • ‘The migration rights of unmarried partners is a deeply divisive issue.’
    • ‘I too was an unmarried mother in the Sixties, giving up my baby girl for adoption.’
    • ‘The others were two married corporals, a single corporal and two unmarried lance-corporals.’
    • ‘Last but not least, unmarried, unattached, and completely available is quite attractive too!’
    • ‘Bridget was just two weeks old when her mother, who was unmarried, left her in the care of the nuns.’
    • ‘The unmarried or same sex partners of MPs will now receive an MP's pension after the MP dies.’
    • ‘With unmarried couples, a partner may not get anything if there is no will.’
    • ‘In the past few months in Embsay a mother had murdered her child and an unmarried mother had died after drinking bleach.’
    • ‘The report found only a quarter of Scots believe unmarried parents to be worse than their married counterparts.’
    unwed, unwedded, single, spouseless, partnerless, husbandless, wifeless
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