Definition of unmapped in English:



  • 1(of an area or feature) not represented on a geographical map.

    • ‘The road will be largely unmapped, bumpy and regularly interrupted by the nasty, high, speed-breakers of due process and democracy.’
    • ‘If reality is defined by consensus, he reasoned, here was a new unmapped geography he wanted to conquer.’
    • ‘Located in an unmapped portion of Siberia, the heartland of Mother Russia, Camp Internet is the ideal environment for summer fun.’
    • ‘The untargeted drops could also result in much of the food ending up in the middle of the country's numerous unmapped minefields.’
    • ‘They gained information of unmapped trails and roads which the infantry used in moving up to surround and capture objectives.’
    • ‘Interest in the colonies was also sustained by a new generation of restless, independent-minded explorers who set off to chart the unmapped areas beyond the frontiers of the French Empire.’
    • ‘French Flanders was a thieves' paradise: it was close to several frontiers, its road system was an unmapped maze of ancient tracks, and it had a large, scattered population of ignorant peasants.’
    • ‘In so doing, they believe they will make many new discoveries, such as the identification on the 180-acre site of previously unmapped mass graves, including those of bitter enemies from the Macdonald and Campbell clans.’
    • ‘Many other lofty peaks remain unmapped let alone explored.’
    • ‘Used extensively against Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War, the Tomahawk of today is much smarter, allowing it to dodge unmapped obstacles such as new buildings in its path, and deliver its payload within a few metres of its programmed target.’
    • ‘The estimated number of unmapped sites tested is based on the results of the gel blot hybridization for the 15-kb Pl-Rh reference clone.’
    • ‘Sturt showed a keen interest in exploring the as yet unmapped country and its rivers.’
    • ‘The Pioneers set out to explore the unmapped area, ‘drawing ‘the outlines of walls and other objects through their laser rangefinders.’’
    • ‘During the next 12 years, he made extraordinary journeys through a region of virgin rainforest and unmapped rivers, carrying volumes of Virgil and Homer, snakebite serum, his Rolleiflex camera and little else.’
    • ‘Team member Jean Godin sets out to chart a route back to France via the largely unmapped Amazon.’
    • ‘Moreover, each vehicle had to be capable, during each patrol, of traveling some 2,000 miles over unmapped, inhospitable terrain, and scorching, shifting sands.’
    • ‘It uses a new digital model of England and Wales, local surveys, expert knowledge and also takes into account the risks from 35% more, mainly smaller, rivers that were previously unmapped.’
    • ‘Now ratified by most of the nations of the world, it is the basic international law on the mapped and unmapped areas beyond our planet.’
    • ‘The following day, after finding an unmapped spring where we are able to water the camels, we cross a mountain pass into yet another seemingly endless plain, where we see more wild camels, wild sheep, and kiangs.’
    • ‘Despite the detailed sea-floor surveys that have been undertaken, many areas of the ocean floor are still unmapped.’
    1. 1.1 Unexplored.
      ‘unmapped corners of Africa’
      • ‘Because the outerborough neighborhoods do not occupy any real space in outsiders' minds as significant places, they are like Willow Springs in that they are, at least figuratively, unmapped.’
      • ‘Giles was the last European to explore vast regions of unmapped desert in Central Australia, what the nineteenth century referred to as terra incognita.’
      • ‘They're not a foreign country, unmapped, unvisited.’
      • ‘Miles of unmapped terrain, miles of emotional paradise.’
      • ‘The current lawsuit is Exhibit A, as it prepares to venture into unmapped legal territory.’
      • ‘Arab garments and rode horses and camels on long trips across desolate, unmapped landscapes, reporting back on the intrigues among tribal chieftains during the last days of the Ottoman Empire.’
      • ‘They were suffering from the heat and shortage of food; before them lay unmapped deserts and swamps, a sizable Turkish force and the threat of ambush from Arab tribes.’
      • ‘That unmapped territory looked more appealing than ever.’
      • ‘Josephson's recent landscapes pale beside those Metzker has been making since 1985, which inhabit a largely unmapped world on the other side of this jagged line.’
      • ‘Andrews operated in a crease period, after the European colonialists had cracked open unmapped areas but before the adoption of Western ways allowed the locals to exploit their own territory.’
      • ‘There's also a playfulness that takes it out of the city into more unmapped terrain.’
      • ‘In a distant past, when there were vast territories still unmapped, there were secret places everywhere, though, I imagine, few of them held nostalgic charms for those who stumbled on them accidentally on their way to somewhere else.’
      • ‘To hear it aright you must stand in the darkness of such a by-street as this, and for the moment be at one with those who dwell around, in the blear-eyed houses, in the dim burrows of poverty, in the unmapped haunts of the semi-human.’
      • ‘There is a great deal of unmapped country within us which would have to be taken into account in an explanation of our gusts and storms.’
      • ‘World, her first full-length book of poetry since 1990's Leap Year Day (a new and selected), shows the writer in full command of her powers, lighting out for unmapped and radiant territory.’
      • ‘Listening to The Notwist is like stepping into unmapped territory, they somehow manage to make music which is just completely different from anything else and which does not even hint at who their influences are.’
      • ‘In other words, the play isn't about man/goat sex, but rather the fear and wonder of finding ourselves in unmapped territory.’
      • ‘And from them I learned that if in a month nothing had changed, the mayor would be chased down the river and into the unmapped country beyond.’
      • ‘We find the best among us, send them forth into unmapped darkness, and pray they will return.’
      • ‘Over the course of three decades. the association sent half a dozen resourceful men into this unmapped land.’
      unexplored, uncharted, untravelled, undiscovered, virgin
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    2. 1.2Biology (of a gene or chromosome) not yet mapped.
      • ‘Furthermore, the remaining unmapped loci represent at least an additional 36 genes that are likely to be involved in eye development.’
      • ‘The fourth copy, containing the Topi insertion, was located in an unmapped area of the genome.’
      • ‘Even the genome of our alleged closest evolutionary relative, the chimpanzee, is largely unmapped.’
      • ‘Although these two genes are good candidates for the Y gene, other unmapped alleles or linked regulatory elements may also be Y.’
      • ‘Unlinked or unmapped genes are indicated off of the chromosomes and with dashed borders.’