Definition of unmanageably in US English:



  • See unmanageable

    • ‘Worse yet, the chorus was almost unmanageably vast, and the leading soloists of his cast could not speak Russian but were required to sing in it fluently, nor could the director speak much English.’
    • ‘Here, single hillsides are known by a dozen names, each broken down into unmanageably small plots based on only minuscule differences in soil composition or their angle to the midday sun.’
    • ‘Robb's admirable determination to make ‘Europe’ mean more than ‘Britain and a variety of continental holiday destinations’ in fact makes his remit unmanageably wide.’
    • ‘I am so used to using plastic cups everywhere that the drink glasses seemed unmanageably heavy and got very cold from the ice!’
    • ‘This advantage has naturally allowed China to liberalize faster and spend more on urban renewal, improvements in infrastructure, and tourism development without worrying about its trade deficits growing unmanageably large.’