Definition of unloveliness in US English:



  • See unlovely

    • ‘What exactly is equally valid with sleaze, populism, and unloveliness, I wonder?’
    • ‘And yet it's of strikingly little help - that's how powerful her unloveliness is.’
    • ‘If indeed we can align our inquiry in this way, we will greatly reduce the risk of creating, in the words of John Dewey, technologies that bring ‘new modes of unloveliness and suffering’ to the world.’
    • ‘Thus, today's degraded society in Britain, under a socialist government which has intentionally pulled up the underpinnings of marriage and a home and a family with two married parents living in it, lumbers on in all its unloveliness.’
    • ‘Because all the landmines and nasty surprises are going off in the backyards of those people who have chosen a life of unloveliness, we are told.’