Definition of unlivable in US English:



  • Not able to be lived in; uninhabitable.

    ‘the pollution that has made life virtually unlivable for our people there’
    • ‘The small London row house where Edith, Muriel's father's sister lived had been hit by a buzz bomb and the second floor was unlivable.’
    • ‘Finally, this is all set in the most astonishingly beautiful never-never land of palatial bourgeois interiors of great beauty, but cold as death and utterly unlivable.’
    • ‘Though much of its affiliation has remained with low-income communities, the steelband movement has kept itself and its image separate from the surging criminality now making many such communities both disreputable and unlivable.’
    • ‘Twenty-five federal disaster areas, thousands of unlivable homes, 11,000 applications for federal aid, and counting.’
    • ‘It's still unlivable after two rounds of hurricane - related flooding.’
    • ‘They will be held accountable; their lives will be made unlivable.’
    • ‘Three types of people live an unlivable life: those who are overly compassionate, overly irritable, or overly sensitive.’
    • ‘My sister and her family are living there because their home in Long Beach, Mississippi nearby is unlivable and right beyond that is Pass Christian, our family home of 30 years unlivable as well.’
    • ‘But life in Zimbabwe today for us is unlivable.’
    • ‘Security experts say that our nation has hardly begun preparations for a response to a radioactive terrorist attack that could render large portions of major cities unlivable for decades.’
    • ‘I know we can meet the challenge of rectifying a downtown overrun with night life, made uncontrollable by unregistered, unscheduled festivities, made unlivable by the teeming hordes filling its streets.’
    • ‘R D Laing: ‘The experience and behaviour that gets labelled schizophrenic is a special strategy that a person invents in order to live in an unlivable situation’’
    • ‘This simply advances our state of anarchy, takes it to another level where the country becomes ungovernable and unlivable.’
    • ‘The people there still talk about ordinary things, even though they are clearly living in an unlivable place.’
    • ‘Today in New Orleans, residents are moving back to parts of the city that were declared unlivable just two-and-a-half weeks ago.’
    • ‘More than half the world would have been unlivable, life could only exist at the lowest elevations.’
    • ‘Politicians have, over the years, made repeated attempts to make our city unlivable, exciting and intoxicatingly dangerous by providing citizens with the arousing notion that any evening out could end up in trouble.’
    • ‘You ask anybody that lives in an unlivable community, and they'll tell you.’
    • ‘John Griffiths, who lived in the building 22 years before being forced out, accuses Casimir and Arrieta of purposefully damaging the building to make it unlivable.’
    • ‘It is not surprising, however, as thousands of flood victims had no other option but to hole up at the shelters as their houses have been unlivable for the better part of three weeks.’