Definition of unlimber in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Detach (a gun) from its limber so that it can be used.

    • ‘‘So,’ he said, unlimbering his crossbows. ‘The twiceborn walk the earth once more.’
    • ‘The officers ran out down the stairs and onto King Street, where the men of Lossburg's regiment had unlimbered a battery of cannons in a small park.’
    • ‘While flying on business, I sometimes hesitate to unlimber a Handgunner or Guns Magazine - aware of the effect it may have on the more liberal around me.’
    • ‘Immediately, the drilling stopped, everyone pulled back and Matthew and Smith, quick as a flash, unlimbered their weapons and peered into the dark… The clouds subsided and silence fell on the group.’
    • ‘Mackenzie stepped away from the hull, unlimbering his shotgun.’
    • ‘Pappy unlimbers his double-barrel, 12 gauge sawed-off shotgun and Tom draws one of the two handguns tucked in his belt, a 1911.45 auto.’
    • ‘The ‘hot tank’ is the prize of the brush country - especially for the gunner unlimbering a light gauge for the bounty of close incomers.’
    • ‘Mackenzie unlimbered his shotgun and cradled it in his arms as he repositioned himself to watch the trail ahead.’
    • ‘We figure some day, a 97 year-old Ken will wheel out onto the range in his nuclear-powered assault chair, unlimber a 1911 and tell his students to ‘get to work’ or they'll live to regret it.’
    • ‘After a thought, Thyrenea unlimbered her MA carbine.’
    • ‘I unlimbered my carry gun of the day, a Smith Model 4506 that's usually about a two-and-a-half-inch gun at this distance.’
    • ‘Mackenzie unlimbered his shotgun as he scanned the sand beneath them.’
    • ‘The marines had bewildered expressions as they unlimbered their assault rifles.’
    • ‘As the real artillery pieces unlimbered and began to hurl projectiles across the skies of Europe in August 1914, William Bateson was far away in Australia.’
    1. 1.1US Unpack or unfasten (something) ready for use.
      ‘we had to unlimber some of the gear’
      • ‘A Marine unlimbered his pack and withdrew a metal disk ten centimeters in diameter.’
      • ‘They both got out, and Debbye unlimbered her remote camera.’
      • ‘With George's run production down, McNair unlimbered his arm and put some air back in the ball.’
      • ‘I claimed a prominent rock and unlimbered a 20-pound-class popping rod and a wide-framed casting reel.’
      • ‘She unlimbered her ChecKard and used it to tap a rhythm on the ancient hardwood surface.’