Definition of unlimber in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Detach (a gun) from its limber so that it can be used.

    • ‘The ‘hot tank’ is the prize of the brush country - especially for the gunner unlimbering a light gauge for the bounty of close incomers.’
    • ‘The officers ran out down the stairs and onto King Street, where the men of Lossburg's regiment had unlimbered a battery of cannons in a small park.’
    • ‘‘So,’ he said, unlimbering his crossbows. ‘The twiceborn walk the earth once more.’
    • ‘The marines had bewildered expressions as they unlimbered their assault rifles.’
    • ‘I unlimbered my carry gun of the day, a Smith Model 4506 that's usually about a two-and-a-half-inch gun at this distance.’
    • ‘We figure some day, a 97 year-old Ken will wheel out onto the range in his nuclear-powered assault chair, unlimber a 1911 and tell his students to ‘get to work’ or they'll live to regret it.’
    • ‘Mackenzie stepped away from the hull, unlimbering his shotgun.’
    • ‘Immediately, the drilling stopped, everyone pulled back and Matthew and Smith, quick as a flash, unlimbered their weapons and peered into the dark… The clouds subsided and silence fell on the group.’
    • ‘As the real artillery pieces unlimbered and began to hurl projectiles across the skies of Europe in August 1914, William Bateson was far away in Australia.’
    • ‘Mackenzie unlimbered his shotgun and cradled it in his arms as he repositioned himself to watch the trail ahead.’
    • ‘Pappy unlimbers his double-barrel, 12 gauge sawed-off shotgun and Tom draws one of the two handguns tucked in his belt, a 1911.45 auto.’
    • ‘After a thought, Thyrenea unlimbered her MA carbine.’
    • ‘While flying on business, I sometimes hesitate to unlimber a Handgunner or Guns Magazine - aware of the effect it may have on the more liberal around me.’
    • ‘Mackenzie unlimbered his shotgun as he scanned the sand beneath them.’
    1. 1.1US Unpack or unfasten (something) ready for use.
      ‘we had to unlimber some of the gear’
      • ‘A Marine unlimbered his pack and withdrew a metal disk ten centimeters in diameter.’
      • ‘They both got out, and Debbye unlimbered her remote camera.’
      • ‘She unlimbered her ChecKard and used it to tap a rhythm on the ancient hardwood surface.’
      • ‘I claimed a prominent rock and unlimbered a 20-pound-class popping rod and a wide-framed casting reel.’
      • ‘With George's run production down, McNair unlimbered his arm and put some air back in the ball.’