Definition of unlikeliness in US English:



  • See unlikely

    • ‘But if you think about it, the story's unlikeliness is pretty apparent.’
    • ‘Apart from the sheer unlikeliness of this, I think Johann Hari's vision of salvation through rationality is an illusion itself, and a profound mis-reading of human nature.’
    • ‘The unlikeliness of all this was heightened by the fact that Mangan was a yuppie.’
    • ‘I know of an example of this happening in life (the older mother getting off with the daughter's bit-of-rough boyfriend), but the casting here (Daniel Craig and Anne Reid - both marvellous) tended to emphasise its unlikeliness.’
    • ‘Despite the unlikeliness of the heroes it doesn't contain a nuance of irony (which is perhaps why Kurt Russell as Brooks can wear plaid jackets without looking retro, much less cheesy.)’