Main definitions of unlike in English

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  • 1Different from; not similar to.

    ‘they were unlike anything ever seen before’
    ‘a large house not unlike Mr. Shaw's’
    • ‘A cookery show unlike anything ever seen before hits our screens next month with something a little more adventurous than the usual fare.’
    • ‘The trouble those people are in is unlike anything that has ever happened to this country before, including 9 / 11.’
    • ‘I believe that the rise of Middle Eastern organised crime in Sydney will have an impact on society unlike anything we have ever seen.’
    • ‘She had wavy black hair, a talent for the violin, and a raunchy sense of humor quite unlike anything Shipley had ever encountered in a woman.’
    • ‘Everyone who ventured to the Hawk's Well on Saturday night last was treated to a show unlike anything ever presented at the theatre before.’
    • ‘On film, the battle of Helms Deep is an astonishing nightmare-scale bombardment, a cinematic showdown unlike anything ever witnessed before.’
    • ‘The news cycle for this war is unlike anything we've ever seen.’
    • ‘Well, Hurricane Katrina has created a refugee crisis unlike anything ever seen in this country.’
    • ‘Driving in Lebanon is unlike anything I have ever witnessed before.’
    • ‘For this house was different, unlike any I'd seen.’
    • ‘Add to that the fact that he can make the most astonishing sounds come out of a drum and the combination is unlike anything you've ever heard.’
    • ‘But still the mountain loomed over her and just in some way it was different and unlike anything she had seen.’
    • ‘Somers said the X-ray was unlike anything he had ever seen.’
    • ‘I have covered a number of major international events in my time and have seen a media pack before but this was unlike anything I had ever encountered.’
    • ‘The mountains and the rain forest are unlike anything I've ever seen.’
    • ‘I lived there only briefly, but even as a child I knew that the attitude among the city's poor, black population was unlike anything I'd ever experienced.’
    • ‘Perched at 5,380 ft on the side of a Swiss Alp, Whitepod is quite unlike anything you'll ever have seen in skiing, and the sooner you get used to the idea, the better.’
    • ‘His reactions were unlike anything we had ever seen.’
    • ‘It's just unlike anything I've ever experienced.’
    • ‘They are quite unlike anything ever seen on a rugby field.’
    different from, unalike, dissimilar to, not like, not similar to, not resembling, far from, far apart from, distant from
    in contrast to, in contrast with, differently from, in contradistinction to, as opposed to, not like, not typical of, uncharacteristic of
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    1. 1.1In contrast to; differently from.
      ‘unlike Helen, he was not superstitious’
      • ‘But he said some graduates still preferred working for Levett & Bailey because, unlike many contractors, it had a training programme.’
      • ‘Fourth, the Bush administration, unlike several of its predecessors, sees no contradiction between power and principles.’
      • ‘Machiavelli drew a similar contrast between himself and his predecessors, although he, unlike Sophocles and Raphael, added a value judgment.’
      • ‘The Hungarian is on a three-year contract at the Hawthorns unlike Rumanian international Cosmin Contra who came on a year's loan from Athletico Madrid.’
      • ‘We were the new generation that saw ourselves as both black and British, and, unlike the dominant communities, we did not see a contradiction between these two terms.’
      • ‘I think it's kind of limitless with this superhero, unlike others, because he is so contradictory, he is so complex, he has so many demons and issues.’
      • ‘But the fact is, NFL contracts, unlike Major League Baseball's and the NBA's, are not guaranteed.’
      • ‘Because unlike the right, there are no book contracts and think tank jobs waiting for them.’
      • ‘Despite these contradictions, Bangkok possesses an unmistakable sense of place and unlike other cities, cannot be divorced from its culture.’
      • ‘Underlying this contrast is the idea that knowledge, unlike belief, requires special endowments.’
      • ‘Contrary to previous reports, the Highland project, unlike London's Hospital, does not have Microsoft millionaire Paul Allen's financial backing.’
      • ‘This last contraction unlike the previous one tries to move the thigh faster preventing the knee from damage by over-straightening.’
      • ‘This affords greater opportunity to provide client choice, being specific to each client, unlike most contracting in the NHS market.’
      • ‘The downtown contract, unlike the strip contract, gives the union bureaucracy the flexibility to adjust how much of the negotiated amount goes to wages and health care.’
      • ‘There is even a legality attached to this aspect of what architects do: unlike a contractor, an architect cannot put a lien against a building if a client does not pay.’
      • ‘It has shown a strong, clear leadership - unlike the confused and contradictory utterances from ACT and National, which I will come to.’
      • ‘She was there to be the volunteer coordinator of the women's centre, and unlike other government and contract workers, planned to be in the community for a long time.’
      • ‘It is performed with contrast agents that are not toxic to the kidneys, unlike conventional contrast arteriographic agents.’
      • ‘This event truly has laid bare, unlike any other, the awful contradictions and hypocrisies of American society.’
      • ‘On the contrary, unlike the religiously sure-of-themselves, it's ready to listen to all seekers after God and Truth.’
    2. 1.2Uncharacteristic of (someone)
      ‘he sounded irritable, which was unlike him’
      • ‘It would not be unlike South Africa, so full of contradictions, to produce such an incongruous solution to the problems in agriculture being felt all around the emerging world.’
      • ‘It was, in short, unlike Inzamam's uncharacteristic foray, an entirely typical Jayasuriya innings, ending the day within touching distance of a magnificent century in a session.’
      • ‘Britney Spears will play an interesting role that is unlike herself during her guest appearance on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother.’


  • 1[predicative] Dissimilar or different from each other.

    ‘they seemed utterly unlike, despite being twins’
    • ‘Squared Euclidean distances were utilized in order to maximize the dissimilarity of unlike clusters.’
    dissimilar, unalike, disparate, contrastive, contrasting, contrasted, contrary, antithetical, different, distinct, non-identical, diverse, heterogeneous, divergent, distinguishable, incompatible, inconsistent, opposed, at variance, varying, variant, at odds, clashing, conflicting, discrepant, ill-matched, incongruous
    like chalk and cheese
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    1. 1.1archaic Not like; different from.
      ‘he was very unlike to any other man’
      • ‘Ah! most unlike to what it was when planted by the Author of all good.’


The use of unlike as a conjunction, as in she was behaving unlike she'd ever behaved before, is not considered standard English. It can be avoided by using as with a negative instead: she was behaving as she'd never behaved before


Middle English: perhaps originally an alteration of Old Norse úlíkr; compare with Old English ungelīc not of the same kind, not comparable.

Main definitions of unlike in English

: unlike1unlike2



  • 1Be regarded with distaste or hostility; be unpopular.

    ‘the article suggests that his character was unliked by many’
    • ‘Andy is only unliked because of the piece he did on Met fans, lets just be real about that.’
    • ‘Since my feeble attempt at fiction is so unfruitful and unliked, I shall not continue the story to bore you guys.’
    • ‘It's just that she craves attention and I don't want her to think that she's unliked or something.’
    • ‘Also, this is the first I've read anywhere about those two having attitude problems and that they are unliked by players.’
    • ‘It's quite sad how his blog is so unliked.’
    • ‘Whilst unliked by most, I am highly revered by those intelligent enough to grasp my wit.’
    • ‘Our country is one of the most distrusted, unliked, unreliable and discredited of all nations on earth.’
    • ‘How you got away with being so unliked for years sure beats me.’
    • ‘I dont think he is unliked (if he is at all) because of his nationality.’
    • ‘You know, he was not unliked by anybody.’
    • ‘Being a jerk, he would most likely be unliked by his teammates, interrupting how the team itself functioned.’
  • 2[with object] (in the context of social media) withdraw one's approval of or support for (someone or something one has previously liked) by means of an icon or link.

    ‘I cut about 300 of my 400 friends and unliked about 20–30 pages’
    • ‘1 in 3 social media users have stopped following or unliked a company or brand on a social network.’
    • ‘Facebook users can no longer unlike pages after hiding stories from those pages.’
    • ‘Toggling off the button results in unliking your previously liked item.’
    • ‘I've unliked all things NHL on my Facebook page.’
    • ‘I unliked a local photography business as they were posting multiple photos each day and I was getting tired of seeing pictures of people I didn't know.’
    • ‘For example, page owners can see alerts about a higher-than-usual number of fans unliking their page.’
    • ‘Why do people unlike you: are you annoying your audience?’
    • ‘A ticker at the bottom of the page tallies how many people have unliked his page just in the time users have been on the site.’
    • ‘Multiple posts on a single day will lead to more fans unliking your page.’
    • ‘Based on our eyeball calculation, we estimate about 10 followers were unliking the page every second.’
    • ‘Over 32,000 unliked him on Thursday, and over 13,000 have unliked him today.’
    • ‘She unliked Bon Jovi and removed The Lion King from her list of favourite movies.’
    • ‘However, brands must be judicious about their posts, as 48 percent of respondents have unliked pages that post too often.’
    • ‘Users will start unliking your page because they actually don't really like your brand.’
    • ‘Facebook's challenge will be to keep these ads as unobtrusive as possible so that users are not alienated or driven to unlike brands.’