Definition of unleaded in US English:



  • 1(especially of gasoline) without added tetraethyl lead.

    • ‘A flood of fuel-hungry motorists left the garage completely sold out of unleaded petrol by the evening.’
    • ‘Duty on unleaded petrol is also being reduced by 2p per litre from midnight on 6 December, 2000.’
    • ‘The proposal is to use ethanol to mix with unleaded petrol on a 1: 10 basis, known as E10.’
    • ‘Spanish fuel stations supply most internationally known brands of unleaded petrol (gasolina sin plomo) and diesel (gas oil).’
    • ‘Big 4x4 vehicles in particular are desirable as the fuel savings can be significant - LPG is on average less than half the price per litre of unleaded petrol.’
    • ‘One North Yorkshire garage has come under attacked for charging 95.9 pence per litre for unleaded petrol, but not displaying the price to drivers coming into the garage.’
    • ‘Tax on unleaded petrol was due to rise 1.4p per litre last month but this was held back because of a global rise in petrol prices.’
    • ‘Other studies suggest that if air quality has not become worse, it could be due to stricter emission control norms right from the manufacturing stage, more use of unleaded petrol and low-sulphur diesel.’
    • ‘Latest figures from the AA show the average price for a litre of unleaded petrol across the UK is 82.77p, although supermarkets are about 1p a litre cheaper.’
    • ‘The Petrol Retailers Association criticised the store for ‘cynically’ offering 20p off unleaded petrol to shoppers who spent more than £150 in its stores.’
    • ‘He said farmers pay 92.5p per litre for road diesel, more than 30p per litre for red agricultural diesel, and 86.5p per litre for unleaded petrol.’
    • ‘The fuel crisis in the Middle East has manifested itself here as the price of a litre of unleaded petrol in Carlow has jumped in price by an average of 7% in the last month.’
    • ‘The average UK price of unleaded petrol has breached 80p a litre as tensions in the Middle East have sent crude oil prices rocketing’
    • ‘Portuguese fuel stations supply most internationally known brands of unleaded petrol and diesel.’
    • ‘However, the E1 a litre barrier is broken as soon as you cross the Wexford border, with three garages in Bunclody charging approximately 3.5% more for unleaded petrol.’
    • ‘She says her son Mark must get compensation for the cost of cleaning and re-fitting his engine after he unknowingly filled the car with diesel instead of unleaded petrol.’
    • ‘But the overwhelming dominance of unleaded petrol - which achieved its market share with the help of tax incentives and regulation - proves the potential is there.’
    • ‘Arsenova said that the My City Without My Car initiative was part of the campaign to popularise the use of unleaded petrol.’
    • ‘Some manufacturers began introducing cars that could run on unleaded petrol before 1993-so just because your car is more than ten years old, doesn't necessarily mean it will need adapting.’
    • ‘Service stations now have to display the price of three products which must include the price of unleaded petrol.’
  • 2Not covered, weighted, or framed with lead.

    • ‘Do you select scented or unscented candles, beeswax, soybean or paraffin, leaded or unleaded wicks?’
    • ‘Derivatives of the Colchester brooch were now being made of leaded bronze, presumably a cheaper metal, but not malleable so that the pin-spring had to be made separately of an unleaded alloy.’
  • 3Printing
    (of type) with no space or leads added between lines.

    • ‘Traditionally a 12 point font is one where the metal slugs are 12 points tall -- or where the baseline to baseline spacing of unleaded text is 12 points, so an em was the size of the metal.’
    • ‘A font is 12 points high if the distance between the baselines of two adjacent lines of (unleaded) text is 12 points.’


  • Gasoline without added lead.

    • ‘I was just, you know, filling up with four star, I mean unleaded, you know, petrol.’
    • ‘I decided that part of the problem attendants had was that they started changing the numbers from the top, which was standard unleaded, and down to premium.’
    • ‘I made a deposit at my credit union, and filled my 97 VW Jetta with unleaded, getting a candy bar at the mini-mart while I was there.’
    • ‘Diesel is traditionally more expensive but the company said it had gradually been reducing the price so it was now in line with unleaded.’
    • ‘I often passed the time of day with him after filling up with regulation BP unleaded.’
    • ‘The big V8 gulps fuel and even with a relatively light foot it still burnt unleaded at the rate of 14.5 litres per 100 km.’
    • ‘It's only being taken out of the system next year although there has long been a choice - leaded or unleaded in the tank.’
    • ‘Tindell says that he's noticed fewer and fewer drivers filling up with anything fancier than regular unleaded.’
    • ‘The cheapest was Tesco, at Middlebrook, selling unleaded at 82.9p and diesel at 86.9p.’
    • ‘It won't take unleaded, but we don't intend to be doing huge motorway miles so we won't touch it in the short term.’
    • ‘Given the cost of gasoline (premium unleaded is recommended for this engine), the payback can occur rather rapidly.’
    • ‘Premium grade unleaded is a prerequisite, however.’
    • ‘Most cars can run on regular unleaded - 87 octane.’
    • ‘Indeed, why would you want to burn your money on unleaded, when you could be driving something that feels just as good?’
    • ‘Self-service unleaded is selling for an average of a $1.36 a gallon statewide, up a penny from Monday.’
    • ‘They say that the motorist is getting a premium unleaded petrol well below the cost of normal unleaded.’
    • ‘Once over the price shock, the next thing editors discovered was fillup shock: the Hemi slurps gasoline - regular unleaded, thankfully - with spectacular gusto.’
    • ‘First, you might wish to retain your driving licence, and secondly there's the little matter of an enormous thirst for premium unleaded.’
    • ‘Fueled by a 5 litre tank of unleaded mixed with 2 stroke oil, it gives me ten miles to the litre.’
    • ‘After a ten-hour sleep, the demonic partners filled the Beetle with a fresh volume of unleaded.’