Definition of unkindness in English:



  • Inconsiderate and harsh behavior.

    ‘she had had enough of her father's unkindness’
    • ‘Certainly, that notion is incompatible with cruelty and unkindness to one another.’
    • ‘Cruelty to animals, deliberate unkindness, bullying smaller children: these were major crimes.’
    • ‘In apparently impossible circumstances, where nothing but harshness and unkindness prevail, two human beings make contact, or at least one reaches out a hand to another.’
    • ‘‘Meanness’ connotes not only the personal characteristics of spite, unkindness, or aggression, but also the social conditions of shabbiness and impoverishment.’
    • ‘In the face of your inconsideration or unkindness, I may experience pain, indignation, chagrin, shame, annoyance, bashfulness and more besides.’
    nastiness, unpleasantness, disagreeableness, cruelty, spite, malice, meanness, mean-spiritedness, viciousness, malevolence, uncharitableness
    harshness, callousness, pitilessness, ruthlessness, unfeelingness, compassionlessness, shabbiness, hard-heartedness, heartlessness, cold-heartedness, mercilessness, brutality, savagery, savageness, inhumanity
    unfriendliness, inconsiderateness, insensitivity, ungenerousness, inhospitality, unkindliness, hostility
    beastliness, bitchiness, cattiness
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