Definition of universal joint in US English:

universal joint

(also universal coupling)


  • A coupling or joint that can transmit rotary power by a shaft over a range of angles.

    • ‘A metal ring is welded onto the power shaft beside the universal joint.’
    • ‘The propeller is attached to the motor by a universal joint.’
    • ‘Lunn's other special feature was the Eagle's independent front suspension, achieved by mounting the front differential to the engine block and providing drive to the wheels via universal joints and half shafts.’
    • ‘The poor condition of the car's front universal joint and a leak in the rear differential were spotted when it was taken to a garage for its MOT test.’
    • ‘Sitting about one metre off the deck, the tail shaft comes down at such an acute angle, I reckon it would do about four revolutions before the universal joint said ‘Enough!’’
    • ‘The linkage goes up through the rear swingarm and makes the bend to enter the top tube by means of a universal joint.’
    • ‘In his later career, Hooke's creativity extended from clock mechanisms to the universal joint.’
    • ‘It even had fabric Hardy-Spicer joints in the tail shaft - none of your modern universal joints in those days.’
    • ‘The feed belt drive was controlled by a lever at the top of the feed box, whose gears and universal joint guaranteed a powerful positive feed.’
    • ‘On the chassis there are companion flanges, wheel hubs, rear axle casings, sector shaft OD's, steering rack OD's, universal joints, CV joints and shock absorber piston rods.’
    • ‘The spindles are driven by cone drive gear boxes through universal joints capable of up to 6,000 foot-pounds per spindle.’
    • ‘Lilly said he constructed his model with a universal joint, which makes me think you could fashion it (the swing arm part at least) from auto parts.’
    • ‘It was about as thick as a man's calf and had a universal joint on each end.’
    • ‘This translates to opportunities in all those component areas that thrive on drivetrain innovation: differentials, transfer cases, drive shafts, half shafts and universal joints.’
    • ‘I've seen universal joints break and watched drive shafts bounced off the pavement and swing around, coming close to hitting the fuel tanks.’
    • ‘The holster ‘body’ is attached to a machined aluminum rod that can be rotated and slid on a universal joint of sorts where it attaches to the belt holder.’
    • ‘From this came his invention of the universal joint, found now in all motor vehicles.’
    • ‘At the height of his country's infatuation with the automobile in the 1930s his poem, She Being Brand New, reduced erotic love to oiling the universal joint, slipping the clutch and ‘giving her the juice good’.’
    • ‘The bit shaft is omni-directionally pivotally supported intermediate its upper and lower ends by a universal joint within the collar and is rotatably driven by the collar.’
    • ‘The CSI investigation found only one universal joint in the steering column.’


universal joint

/ˌyo͞onəˈvərsəl joint/