Definition of Unitarianism in US English:



  • See Unitarian

    • ‘Dorrien's well-written, deeply researched narrative begins with the rejection of Calvinist thought and the emergence of Unitarianism out of the Congregational churches of New England in the 1810s.’
    • ‘Our elite culture has been de-Christianized, and the notional faith that I heard preached from the pulpit in Trinity that day amounted to pure concession, Unitarianism in vestments.’
    • ‘The Dudleian lecturers were liberal Christians, both Calvinist and Arminian, and they openly separated themselves in the second lecture from more radical forms of Enlightened Dissent, namely Unitarianism and Deism.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, four of the five women were associated at some point with the Society of Friends; Presbyterianism and Unitarianism were also represented among the religious affiliations of the women.’
    • ‘I operate a religious website that promotes tolerant monotheism (Deism, Unitarianism, Judaism) and I can't believe the volume of hate mail I get.’