Definition of unitard in US English:



  • A tight-fitting one-piece garment of stretchable fabric which covers the body from the neck to the knees or feet.

    • ‘Drumgoole dressed in a leopard unitard with the hidden support of duct tape.’
    • ‘The cream-colored unitards, designed by Rakefet Levy, extended to cover the hands, giving the dancers unnaturally long arms, and the thigh-high black leg warmers gave them short legs.’
    • ‘As for the women, they all had hair piled high on their head like a bouffant crown or frame and bodies bound under fishnet unitards and undersized brassieres.’
    • ‘A man wearing a unitard, white body paint, and a rat mask enters and colored lights illuminate a synchronized trio of zombies in baby costumes.’
    • ‘The attention to detail, the ad-libbed dialogue and ringside color commentary and the absolutely stupid names given to these unitards all adds up to it being either an elaborate scam or a heartfelt homage to a favored sport.’
    • ‘I purchased a red unitard which I believe is cotton/Lycra.’
    • ‘Everything from the thunderous Wagnerian music to the performers' skin-tight unitards and birdlike headdresses reinforces the show's sleek, aerial character.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, in the heyday of unitards and medicine balls, intercollegiate games were private affairs, held in basement gyms or on remote lawns, and if anyone bothered to go and watch, it was an athlete's dad or girlfriend or roommate.’
    • ‘Obviously it's a step beyond as these people tend to wear full skin-toned body stockings, unitards and whatever in addition to the masks.’
    • ‘You don't like being onstage in nothing but a skintight unitard?’
    • ‘San Francisco's Magierek likes to wear short unitards, turtlenecks, stripes, and prints.’
    • ‘Suddenly she felt a zipper or seam snap in the back of her girlish unitard; panicking, and not wanting to move for fear she'd expose herself, she called the first person who came to mind.’
    • ‘Early in 1987, when the Graves sets failed to arrive for a performance in Naples, Rauschenberg stepped in and within two days replaced her costumes with distressed black unitards and scarves and created a new set out of found objects.’
    • ‘Also, he never mentioned the fact that I was wearing the green unitard with hood and gloves and footies and was accompanied by another person with the same outfit on, but in silver.’
    • ‘The big boon, of course, was stretch tights and unitards - for men and women - that made inexpensive, unwrinkled, easily washable dancewear and costume bases available to all.’
    • ‘The costume concept for the entire program consisted of leotards and unitards, unadorned and brightly colored or adorned in various ways that spelled economy but not always high ingenuity.’
    • ‘But one thing it is not given enough credit for is the insane idea that hot chicks with ample cleavage, decked out in body-hugging unitards and go-go boots, can defeat any mob syndicate with just a flip of their Farrah Fawcett hair.’
    • ‘She wears a black unitard, but her top is purple and glittery.’
    • ‘Dressed simply in brown unitards, they brought a workmanlike tenacity to their precarious endeavors.’
    • ‘One by one, sprinters clad in the white USA unitards, trimmed in red and blue, trudged through the media zone and tried to explain what should be unthinkable, but has become painfully routine.’


1960s: from uni- ‘single’ + leotard.