Definition of uniquely in US English:



  • 1usually as submodifier In a way that belongs or is connected to only one particular person or thing.

    ‘a way of life that was uniquely British’
    as sentence adverb ‘uniquely, the United Kingdom is on target to fulfill the promise to double its aid to developing nations’
    • ‘His art represents the uniquely German power responsible for the onset of the Reformation.’
    • ‘Some of these pieces are uniquely Armani.’
    • ‘These virtues were thought distinctively—even uniquely—Australian.’
    • ‘All of this is found in the experience which is uniquely New York.’
    • ‘Uniquely, she has taken possession of the gesture.’
    1. 1.1 In a very special or unusual way.
      ‘a uniquely talented musician’
      ‘uniquely shaped buildings’
      • ‘Its climate and the fertility of the soil make it uniquely blessed.’
      • ‘He walked away with a recording contract, singing with his uniquely soulful voice.’
      • ‘She was uniquely beautiful, right?’
      • ‘The island is known for ravishing beaches with pink sand and greenish water, and for uniquely painted homes and cottages.’
      • ‘They were a uniquely disadvantaged group—impoverished, undereducated, often despised and ostracised.’