Definition of union shop in English:

union shop


  • A place of work where employers may hire nonunion workers who must join a labor union within an agreed time.

    Compare with closed shop, open shop
    • ‘If non-union employers did not make some token attempt to offer ‘competitive’ pay and benefits compared to unionized competitors, they would have trouble hiring good workers, because those workers would flock to the union shop.’
    • ‘Privatization should only be considered where there is real competition in place in the industry and there is a union shop in place.’
    • ‘‘Right to Work’ - a referenda initiative to allow non-union workers in union shops - failed in Missouri that year.’
    • ‘And it costs about $6 an hour more for every one of your employees if you decide to become a union shop.’
    • ‘In the last decade alone, more than 40 design and craftsmanship awards have honored the work produced by the union shop's 160 employees.’
    • ‘Another benefit of operating a union shop, according to Kinateder, is the creation of a level playing field.’
    • ‘A professor of labour relations believes the store, in an area of scarce jobs, could well become the first of the retail giant's outlets in North America to become a union shop.’
    • ‘We've been searching for signs on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, on the banks of the dark Hint River, in the union shops, the high school gyms, the raggedy playgrounds, the mayor's office and the brooding, inescapable auto plants.’
    • ‘Today, the company, a 100% union shop, is winning business not just against domestic competitors.’
    • ‘The legislation made any action by workers to enforce a closed union shop illegal.’
    • ‘One of the most important of our demands is for a closed union shop.’
    • ‘To begin with, it is misleading to say, as he does, that the declining number of workers who belong to unions do so only because ‘closed union shops give them no choice.’’
    • ‘For example, a union shop in El Salvador had expressed interest in becoming a partner.’
    • ‘Above all, the labor morale resembled that of an old union shop with numerous secretaries without a senior staff, with labor limitations and privileges, and costly fringe benefits for present and former employees.’
    • ‘Marina Gutierrez is one of very few women in Central America who has organized a sweatshop into a union shop, and not just once, but three times.’
    • ‘‘Our ability to efficiently turn out work with a full union shop is one of the reasons for our longevity,’ said Richard.’


union shop

/ˈyo͞onyən ˈSHäp/