Definition of uninvestigated in US English:



  • Not systematically investigated.

    ‘uninvestigated deaths in custody’
    • ‘Not a single rock or clump of algae went uninvestigated.’
    • ‘It is better, ran the logic, that a suspect spend a few nights in a cell than that he be left at large uninvestigated.’
    • ‘I was dumbfounded that police shootings of citizens can simply go uninvestigated and without a determined call for justice.’
    • ‘Of course, foreknowledge by ‘important’ people probably ties in to the short-selling profits made as a result of the terrorism, short-selling which unbelievably remains uninvestigated.’
    • ‘As such non-ulcer dyspepsia can be referred to as investigated dyspepsia, which should be distinguished from uninvestigated dyspepsia.’
    • ‘Second, the test results and complaints which initially appeared to involve no significant injustice turn out, upon investigation, to involve considerable maladministration, such as this one, going uninvestigated.’
    • ‘Under such a system, she said, entire institutions would go uninvestigated.’
    • ‘Indeed, with strike activity at historically its lowest level since records began in 1891, the role of employers in generating overt conflict should not remain uninvestigated.’
    • ‘Due to a scarcity of time, this excess of wordy posting necessarily leaves the weblogger enervated and recumbent - in turn leaving a considerable number of interesting links uncommented upon - uninvestigated.’
    • ‘A Garda spokeswoman added: ‘There will be a standard investigation into the death as it is not something that goes uninvestigated.’’
    • ‘The role of oxygen and energy state in development and storage activity of cereal grains is an important issue, but has remained largely uninvestigated due to the lack of appropriate analytical methods.’
    • ‘A case like that doesn't go uninvestigated by itself.’
    • ‘The micronutrients required for proper centrosome replication and function remain to be unknown and uninvestigated.’
    • ‘I am very happy to hear this - academic work must be held to the highest standards of reliability, and neither willful fraud nor gross negligence should go uninvestigated and uncorrected.’
    • ‘Indeed, he treats every uncorroborated and uninvestigated allegation made by prisoners about their treatment as gospel.’
    • ‘Unreported and uninvestigated medical accidents could continue without patients or the public knowing.’
    • ‘Yet it remains clear that the practice of torture does hold some clues, as yet largely uninvestigated, to past attitudes towards the human body.’
    • ‘An Observer investigation in the United States has uncovered widespread allegations of electoral abuse, many of them going uninvestigated despite complaints of what would appear to be criminal attempts to manipulate voter lists.’
    • ‘Then one day one of those uninvestigated threats would turn out to be real, and accusations would fly about dangerous laxity at the Secret Service…’
    • ‘They said that this was ‘an uninvestigated potential cause’ of decreasing insect populations.’