Definition of uninterrupted in US English:



  • 1Without a break in continuity.

    ‘an uninterrupted flow of traffic’
    • ‘The sauce gushed forth in a forceful, uninterrupted flow.’
    • ‘Work on the underpass, which commenced the very next day, has continued uninterrupted.’
    • ‘The coronation festivities continued uninterrupted for three days.’
    • ‘The meeting continued, uninterrupted of course, with the help of the generator.’
    • ‘Every third move or so, a move is called in which the girl spins out of her partner's arms, into the arms of the next guy in the circle, and the dance continues uninterrupted.’
    • ‘Even as it's burning one CD, it can be creating the next so that burning can continue uninterrupted.’
    • ‘The brutality of the senses continues uninterrupted.’
    • ‘People want convenience in a bag and the industry wants the flow of billions to continue uninterrupted.’
    • ‘Prayers continued uninterrupted, as did the ceremony that followed.’
    • ‘It was possible and I didn't think twice about it, continuing on in an uninterrupted flow.’
    • ‘This has continued uninterrupted since the beginning of recorded history.’
    • ‘For all eventualities, an uninterrupted power supply provides continuous electricity.’
    • ‘Some continental European countries have uninterrupted programs with the ads solely playing in between programs.’
    • ‘The work was divided into five stages but the proposal envisaged continuous, uninterrupted progression of the project.’
    • ‘Many fairs with ancient charters continue uninterrupted to the present time, often held in town centres.’
    • ‘Getting people in on time and on schedule is a key to ensuring the mission continues uninterrupted.’
    • ‘The survival of the Japanese economy depends on continued free and uninterrupted access through the region's trade lanes.’
    • ‘Turning right into Easby Drive is safe and the main road wide enough to allow through traffic to flow into Ilkley uninterrupted.’
    • ‘The blockade was removed and operations continued uninterrupted.’
    • ‘The only way to ensure an uninterrupted flow of water from your tap is to continue to pay your bills.’
    unbroken, continuous, continual, undisturbed, steady, constant, sustained, consecutive, successive, in succession, non-stop, without stopping, unceasing, incessant, untroubled, smooth, peaceful
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    1. 1.1 (of a view) unobstructed.
      • ‘These floating spy vessels also have uninterrupted views of key ministries.’
      • ‘Up front, with an uninterrupted view of the storm, the conversation became more animated.’
      • ‘The cars were fitted with three tiers of seats, two rows on a tier, so that each passenger would obtain an uninterrupted view of the country in front.’
      • ‘It was broad daylight, bright, clear visibility, flat uninterrupted views in a non-built-up area.’
      • ‘They have southerly views as far as the Dublin mountains, while to the east and west there are uninterrupted views of the canal.’
      • ‘The bedroom now has an uninterrupted view of the capital: lying down, you can watch the sun rise in the east and set in the west.’
      • ‘The uninterrupted view of Edinburgh Castle was meant to be one of the great selling points of Harvey Nick's exclusive restaurant.’
      • ‘Its orbit takes it almost a third of the way to the Moon, so that astronomers can enjoy long, uninterrupted views of celestial objects.’
      • ‘A lowered master bedroom allows uninterrupted views from the main space.’
      • ‘Hoping to spot the herd, we hiked up to Caribou Pass and got our first uninterrupted view of the broad coastal plain.’
      • ‘They are all major buildings in Bradford's cityscape and I think we should enjoy uninterrupted views of them all.’
      • ‘A photo of Leicester Tigers decorates the wall behind him, beside French windows that offer an uninterrupted view of fields.’
      • ‘A gloss balustrade allows uninterrupted views to the river and the controversially sited Swan Brewery below.’
      • ‘All apartments are on the upper three floors, giving uninterrupted views from the window walls across the Forth estuary to Fife.’
      • ‘As we climb over the Clyde and uninterrupted views of high rise flats give way to a stunning vista, Wallace's mood lightens.’
      • ‘Shop fronts will be designed in frameless low iron glazing to give uninterrupted views into shop interiors.’
      • ‘Standing on a site of 1.2 acres, this house is set in rural surroundings with uninterrupted views of the Liffey valley.’
      • ‘Like his neighbours, Bennett loves his uninterrupted views across the dunes which stretch from Balmedie to the south to Foveran links to the north.’
      • ‘Mature gardens are laid out in shrub and small trees to provide shelter and there is an uninterrupted view of the Mourne shores in Co Down.’
      • ‘As well as the septic tank issue in the case there was also the factor that the house was being planned along a road where there was an uninterrupted view.’