Definition of uninfluenced in US English:



  • Not influenced or affected.

    ‘styles of dress relatively uninfluenced by popular fashion’
    • ‘They write only when the Muse strikes, and they are uninfluenced by the thought of cash.’
    • ‘Influenced behavior is behavior influenced by one's spouse, whereas uninfluenced behavior is behavior caused by a person's own characteristics.’
    • ‘He said: ‘You must make the judgement on the evidence, uninfluenced by the emotion that a case such as this inevitably arouses.’’
    • ‘I find its stance so strange that I have a hard time accepting that they came by it entirely honestly, entirely uninfluenced by more domestic political prejudices.’
    • ‘He contemplated the physical world at large as well as the social world uninfluenced by previous theory, by any dogma or by self-interest, with absolute, fearless courage and serenity.’
    • ‘Here, where the local tradition is still uninfluenced, you can enjoy meeting simple and hardworking men, cheerful women, taste excellent wines and sample local Istran dishes.’
    • ‘‘By then I had seen many pictures by grown ups; I don't think it is as good as the one of a horse and cart which was quite uninfluenced.’’
    • ‘To assume that the Administration's critics are somehow unaware of, and uninfluenced by, this fact is to ignore a great deal of recent history.’
    • ‘I think it is not, because a FC cannot reconcile having a life that's separate from and uninfluenced by his Faith, and I do believe a secular political leader should set Faith aside in all governmental matters.’
    • ‘The price to be paid for the democratisation of taste is a cool ‘aloofness’, but the prize is said to be an independence of judgment that ‘guarantees hard-hitting, candid and uninfluenced commentary’.’
    • ‘How could we possibly back up our arguments that what we're doing is untouched and uninfluenced to the point of being able to call it ‘purely Pagan?’’
    • ‘The fact that beliefs about men were uninfluenced but beliefs about women were influenced may be a function of the specific clips used in the experiment.’
    • ‘In this respect it differs in important ways from climatic definitions of wider embrace, such as macroclimate and mesoclimate, which are wholly or largely uninfluenced by management.’
    • ‘No serious writer on Indian history has been uninfluenced by Marx's writings on India in 1853, and in 1857 on the great popular upheaval against the British called the Indian Mutiny.’
    • ‘Not an industry study, ‘tainted’ by profit motive, but a honest-to-goodness government study, pure in heart, uninfluenced by anything but a search for truth.’
    • ‘They were untouched by social radicalism and uninfluenced by extreme nationalist opinions.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The judgment you make is a judgment you must make on the evidence, uninfluenced by the emotion that a case such as this inevitably arouses.’’
    • ‘It intrigues neither because it definitively shows European influence, nor cultural change uninfluenced by Europe, nor indigenous origins for an exclusionary worldview.’
    • ‘Paynter, however, was not uninfluenced by what he had heard and observed, and he began to voice a new note in this connection during the early 1930s.’
    • ‘Sufis often flirted with public obloquy and social danger, as if to prove that their love of God was wholly disinterested, uninfluenced by, indeed, contemptuous of, the social approval sought by the outwardly pious.’
    unspoilt, unmarked, unblemished, untarnished, unsullied, undefiled, undamaged, unharmed, unscathed, unmarred, unpolluted
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