Definition of unimproved in US English:



  • 1Not made better.

    ‘the pages of the draft speech lay beside him, unattended, unimproved’
    • ‘Nothing but a government welfare program could ever last this long in unimproved form.’
    • ‘She says that virtually all the identified unimproved plant introductions she encountered had characteristics that made them unattractive to American farmers.’
    • ‘They are but improved means to an unimproved end.’
    • ‘The Dominican Republic's mountainous interior and long stretches of unimproved roads make for perfect fat-tire odysseys.’
    • ‘What Aristotle had written in ancient Greece, classifying the minerals known then, remained unchallenged and unimproved into the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘All three of these rejected positions presumed that human nature, unimproved by human effort and considered with little relation to God, was an adequate source to inspire conduct.’
    • ‘An unimproved streetcar line (King Street, say) carries more people at peak times than a six-lane highway (three lanes each way).’
    • ‘Clearly, developing improved humans will create great social and political problems with respect to unimproved humans.’
    • ‘The condition of the park's facilities is unimproved with the bandstand in a state of near collapse and damaged play equipment unreplaced.’
    • ‘Perhaps if I come back to the proposition I was putting and that was that if it is not part of the improvements, it is legitimately part of the unimproved value and therefore can legitimately be left as being the subject of taxation.’
    • ‘Bulgaria has remained in the group of the poorest European nations, consumption is shrinking, the living standards of the majority of Bulgarians has remained unimproved, and this creates social tensions, the President said.’
    • ‘There, the forward mental health treatment team would hold casualties 48 to 72 hours before either returning them to their units or, if they were unimproved, evacuating them further rearward.’
    • ‘For example, if the owners paid $20,000 for an unimproved farm when they bought it, their initial income tax basis was $20,000.’
    • ‘We had the working hypothesis that the incidence of allergies, asthma, and asthmatic symptoms should be lower in pupils who attended schools with new ventilation systems than in pupils who attended unimproved schools.’
    • ‘In the first, are Queensland and New South Wales, where unimproved value rating is universal on the local level, and Western Australia, where it is predominant.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, some of the weaker aspects of the interface - namely the map and journal features - are unimproved from the PC version of the game, and due to the lower resolution of the TV screen, can even be a bit worse.’
    • ‘Like the Air Force, the Navy, through its Reserve forces, operates the C - 130 cargo plane, which can deliver cargo to fixed airfields, including unimproved runways.’
    • ‘Purchased for $16,000 in April, the home just north of downtown Indianapolis sold a month later, unimproved, for $323,000.’
    • ‘Despite concerted international efforts to expand access to wells and municipal waterworks, the number of people drinking water from so-called unimproved sources has remained more or less the same since 1990.’
    • ‘‘We are committed both in word and in deed to taking every conceivable action to make sure a system that was allowed to go unimproved for far too long is now improved,’ Pitt said.’
    1. 1.1 (of land) not cleared or cultivated.
      • ‘For this is Hob Moor, where the pasture is all the better for being unimproved.’
      • ‘So, if the statutory provision says that one has the right to go into unenclosed and unimproved land for subsistence purposes, then that is the case, but if there is an enclosure, of course, there is no longer that right.’
      • ‘At any particular time, the land-value tax on an improved parcel would be equal to the tax levied on a similarly situated parcel that is unimproved, so it cannot discourage development in the way LeFevre thought.’
      • ‘The Mohawk was designed to perform observation, artillery spotting, reconnaissance, command and utility missions from small, unimproved fields under all weather conditions.’
      • ‘They like sandy unimproved soil because they don't respond well to manure and fertilisers.’
      • ‘The Modular Causeway System provides a means to move cargo from the ship to shore across unimproved beaches in areas of the world where fixed port facilities are unavailable, denied or otherwise unacceptable.’
      • ‘A combination of footpaths, unimproved dirt roads, and national highways connect the community to Bamako, which is approximately 35 kilometers away.’
      • ‘When he improves his land he is taxed more heavily for it, even while high-priced but unimproved land in the towns is assessed at a minimum.’
      • ‘The former is only concerned with unimproved land and requires the Valuer-General to value the largest estate in the land.’
      • ‘Second, I think there is nothing in that text, your Honour, which restricts that to actually unimproved land.’
      • ‘While conversion to unimproved grassland or rough grazing, at the other end of the scale, will provide £25 per hectare per year, then drop off over the five years of the funding to total £50.’
      • ‘Trail fees are 2.50 daily per horse for day riding, $12.50 daily for full service campsites and $5.00 per day for unimproved campsites.’
      • ‘The unimproved hill at the Teagasc farm in Leenane has been grazed at an annual density of 0.9 ewes per hectare from 1995 to 1999.’
      • ‘And that is where Heather and Holly come in - Exmoor ponies are an endangered native British breed, able to thrive on unimproved grassland.’
      • ‘Perhaps residents of the Brewton household crossed this unimproved, seemingly unclaimed strip on their way to dump refuse on some other, yet-undeveloped tract.’
      • ‘The findings, based on data from The Wildlife Trusts, show that unimproved grasslands - the pure, unadulterated meadows where wild-plants thrive - are disappearing rapidly from the English landscape.’
      • ‘Since the 1960s, the property tax system has imposed lower tax rates on buildings than on the unimproved land value of each parcel.’
      • ‘Therefore, George advocated allowing landowners to keep a small percentage of the land rent, mainly to avoid the prospect of having all unimproved land revert to the commons.’
      • ‘At the first gathering, sign language interpreters were provided on stage, and efforts were made to incorporate womyn with physical disabilities on unimproved land.’
      • ‘On a per-acre basis, the State of Florida has spent an average of $1,326 per acre, which is approximately the value of unimproved pastureland in Florida (Reynolds and Deas).’