Definition of unilinear in US English:



  • 1Developing or arranged serially and predictably, without deviation.

    ‘there is a unilinear path of language learning with a finite end’
    • ‘So there was no unilinear abandonment of the old habits: in America, slavery still involved whipping and branding (at least until the 1830s), and the penal systems of the northeast found it hard to give up corporal punishment.’
    • ‘The trend is unilinear, towards more centralization in Number 10.’
    • ‘We also must wonder that if unilinear progress in the mode of production can instead have phases of retrogression is there a possibility of World War III?’
    • ‘A unilinear view of modernity, with Shitao's gestural brushwork as a sort of unconscious precursor to Abstract Expressionism, is here surely laid to rest forever.’
    • ‘Yet, the confusion may well be an accurate reflection of the fact that the development she traces from the producerist worldview of 1870 to the consumer-oriented consensus that had emerged by mid-century was not unilinear.’
    • ‘Development is not imagined as a unilinear process, involving a move from undeveloped to developed.’
    • ‘As is the case in many such texts, the historical treatment is unilinear, moving from Greeks and Romans to medieval and then post-medieval Europe and so on up to the present.’
    • ‘It presumes a rigid adherence to a unilinear model and rigid assumption of the necessity for reinforcement of every behavior (cf. ‘partial reinforcement’).’
    • ‘In sociological terms, her case suggests a positive and unilinear relationship between the negative tenor of existence on earth and the degree of transcendent otherness ascribed to God.’
    • ‘Gill suggests that ‘globalization is dialectical, not unilinear, promoting opposing tendencies: integration and fragmentation, universalism and particularism, homogenisation and differentiation’.’
    • ‘It would appear that the unilinear and causative thought model by which he interprets the theology of the Lord's Prayer does not capture the co-presence of different perspectives within the same text.’
    • ‘He was unsettled by the relativism that discarded the notion of unilinear, directional time and placed Indigenous perspectives on equal terms with Western ones.’
    • ‘There is no unilinear relationship between the spheres of activity and the point of departure to explain the historical process may equally be that of forms of state or world order.’
    • ‘To sum it up, Bose has invested rational intellect and humanist thought into this venture, but at numerous junctures headed off on unilinear paths motivated by sheer subjectivity.’
    • ‘More than some unilinear stage in the evolution of society, ‘information society’ indexes the distance between where people believe organizations are and where they should be: it is, in other words, a function of the imaginary.’
    • ‘I shall critically evaluate the orthodox and revisionist analyses in terms of the ten dimensions on which I compared them, suggesting a more complex picture than the unilinear development of policing implied by both approaches.’
    • ‘This process of unilinear ranking consists of extrapolating data from various statistical protocols and then arranging them in an ascending order.’
    • ‘And language ideology is not necessarily a unilinear force that binds speakers of a language together.’
    • ‘The description given is closer in accord with procedures used than the present unilinear description.’
    • ‘I believe that many of the problems encountered in examining behavior may be related to our attempts to fit alternative procedures into unilinear statements.’
    1. 1.1 (of websites) allowing or designed for controlled navigation, following a single path.