Definition of unified field theory in US English:

unified field theory


  • A theory that describes two or more of the four interactions (electromagnetic, gravitational, weak, and strong) previously described by separate theories.

    • ‘There he studied electromagnetic theory and relativity and began to publish on a unified field theory.’
    • ‘His aim was to unite relativity with the theory of electromagnetism and produce a unified field theory - the forerunner of today's theories of everything.’
    • ‘For the remainder of his life he sought without success a unified field theory embracing electromagnetism, gravitation, and quantum mechanics.’
    • ‘Klein's hypothesis was yet another crack at a unified field theory, this time in attempt to unify the strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces.’
    • ‘On the contrary, he wanted nothing more than to find a unified field theory which not only would join together gravitational and electromagnetic forces but also would provide the basis for a new interpretation of quantum phenomena.’