Definition of uniaxial in US English:



  • 1Having or relating to a single axis.

    • ‘For decades, extensibility has also been used to denote the relative or absolute uniaxial extension of pieces of excised tissue per unit of uniaxial force, applied externally to the tissue, without consideration of a force threshold.’
    • ‘This initial type of fabric is readily produced in low-temperature deformation experiments under uniaxial extension when deformation twinning is active.’
    • ‘To determine the configuration of the encapsidated chain, we posit local hexagonal ordering and a uniaxial symmetry of the packaged DNA.’
    • ‘In uniaxial systems, traffic jams cannot be avoided as one increases the number of motors involved in the cargo transport.’
    • ‘Thus, the cupule is a simple uniaxial structure.’
    1. 1.1 (of crystals) having one optic axis, as in the hexagonal, trigonal, and tetragonal systems.
      • ‘We have used it in reflection mode to determine the optical functions of uniaxial crystals.’