Definition of unhinge in English:



  • 1Make (someone) mentally unbalanced.

    ‘the loneliness had nearly unhinged him’
    • ‘Perhaps the blame for our fascination with the violent acts of unhinged minds should be laid to rest at the creaking door of the Bates motel.’
    • ‘The thing is, you have to read the whole platform to see how dangerously unhinged these people really are.’
    • ‘Completely unhinged by madness, she raised he hand and threw the dagger at Kathryn.’
    • ‘Eventually, being Orwell's widow unhinged her.’
    • ‘Glenn Close is an actress with five Academy Award nominations under her belt, one of which is for the role for which I will always remember her: the mentally unhinged mistress in Fatal Attraction.’
    • ‘The experience seems to have unhinged him, since he bursts into the Hydrogen Cave ranting about a mysterious Referee X who is frustrating his attempts at publication.’
    • ‘Needless to say, the whole event with Debbie left me unhinged for a while.’
    • ‘I could be over-reacting about this, but if I'm being completely honest with you, the possibilities of what could've happened today have unhinged me a little.’
    • ‘My mother was unhinged about potential optic damage.’
    • ‘Born of the Great Depression, the brothers were unhinged maniacs with no roots, no ties, no responsibilities, fighting back on behalf of the disenfranchised little man.’
    • ‘There does not seem to be a motive or a reason why, other than like I say, that this person was totally unhinged.’
    • ‘Charles could look to the future with a reasonable optimism that he would secure a modest triumph over his occasionally unhinged enemies.’
    • ‘The shock unhinges their mother, whose hormones have already been scrambled by post-natal depression.’
    • ‘Oh, I don't know - I tell people (a few select people) about my dreams, mainly trustworthy friends who won't then look at me as if I'm unhinged.’
    • ‘The artistically talented but intellectually unhinged cartoonist Tommy Tomorrow affirms the judgment: ‘This is brilliant.’’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a mentally unhinged former lover is stalking her, and the serial killer has struck again.’
    • ‘Radically unfit to raise her daughter, or even cross the street, Yuen comes unhinged and retreats into a fantasy world.’
    • ‘Inexplicable things happen to irrational people; unhinged persons zigzag across an unmoored world.’
    • ‘Is X going to think I am completely unhinged now?’
    • ‘But if, at times, she does appear to be over-the-top, I don't think it's because she's unhinged.’
    deranged, demented, unbalanced, out of one's mind, crazed, mad, insane
    lunatic, manic, maniac, berserk, disturbed, distracted, confused
    crazy, mental, potty, bonkers, bats, batty, loopy, bananas, touched, out to lunch, off one's head, off one's rocker
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    1. 1.1Deprive of stability or fixity; throw into disorder.
      • ‘Publicity has the added power of buoying up participants, bringing in more volunteers, nudging bureaucrats, unhinging politicians, and adding momentum to a grassroots initiative.’
      • ‘So focus on this one key move: Hinge the wrists before your hands reach shoulder height on the backswing, unhinge the wrists on the downswing and then hinge them again before your hands reach shoulder height on the follow-through.’
      • ‘Instead of throwing the club from the top by unhinging your wrists immediately, you want to add lag by sharpening the angle created by the clubshaft and forearms.’
      • ‘Through impact, the right wrist unhinges as though you were throwing a ball.’
      • ‘At 30, he has the experience and sureness of touch to unhinge any team.’
      • ‘But hinging and unhinging the wrists during the putting stroke makes it difficult to control distance.’
      • ‘Placing both hands under the clasp, he used his remaining energy to unhinge it and throw the top of the box up.’
      • ‘Our grab for dominating the world's strategic petroleum reserves is now unhinging world stability, and I think other countries recognize this and are getting fearful and angry as well.’
      • ‘First, try throwing the clubhead down at the ball by unhinging the wrists.’
      • ‘The one event that could unhinge the party's best efforts to retain financial and political control is a run on the RMB.’
      disordered, diseased, deranged, disturbed, troubled, demented, unstable, unbalanced, unhinged, insane, crazed, distracted
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  • 2Take (a door) off its hinges.

    • ‘At least their examples complicate the theory that Motherwell's disobedience stems entirely from Butcher, the former Rangers defender renowned for unhinging dressing-room doors.’
    • ‘By pulling it, he'd not only cracked the plank in half, he'd unhinged the door itself.’
    • ‘He shoots the door knob clean off the door and he kicks the door forward with all his strength, which nearly unhinges the door.’
    • ‘It was a two-story building with rotting blue painted shutters and a door that was only moments away from unhinging itself.’
    • ‘It was always a stunning room, a gleaming subterranean box of pale lacquer and smoked mirrors with a set of Lalique doors you'd unhinge and run off with in the middle of the night if you thought you could get away with it.’