Definition of unheeding in English:



  • Not paying attention.

    ‘Mary, unheeding, watched the television’
    • ‘And the dream had faded, unheeding to her desperate cries for it to come back, her calls of despair.’
    • ‘Driven once more to unreasoned panic, he tore upwards, unheeding of the dangers.’
    • ‘The Institute would create a mechanism to bridge the worlds of the arts and sciences, worlds that have often acted unheeding of the other, or worse, mistrustful or hostile to one another and in competition for the intellectual center.’
    • ‘He grinned insolently at the unheeding boy-leader.’
    • ‘Blown like plankton by the winds and the tides, these innocent larvae could fall victim to so many unheeding forces that without his vigilance many would not reach maturity.’
    • ‘And T.S. Eliot's river in The Dry Salvages is an image of solid, unheeding toughness.’
    • ‘‘There's a time for everything,’ he continued Izz, unheeding.’
    • ‘But it was harder than he might have thought, to remain unheeding of what both his heart and his body were telling him.’
    • ‘Or maybe the distance is not exact, and the border is two days away, and we will ride over it unheeding because we are not expecting it so soon.’
    • ‘They all took deep draughts of water to slake their thirst, unheeding the fact that it might not be suitable for drinking.’
    • ‘Buffets of wind fluttered through the fabric of its clothing as the silhouette stood against the sky, unheeding of danger.’
    • ‘I put the key back into my pocket and backed out of the parking spot I was in, and sped out of the lot, unheeding but aware of the envious stares.’
    • ‘Manes of threaded fog leaped and bowed with balletic malice, embracing the adversaries, whispering promises of beautiful demise into their unheeding ears.’
    • ‘The next morning, unheeding of her sleepless night, Lib's school time routine began once again.’
    • ‘Land and Liberty is now the longest-lived Georgist project in history, but still it struggles to gain the attention of an unheeding world.’
    • ‘As the crowd wrangles and shoves, the woman forces her unheeding way through the faces and chadors and disappears off the bottom of the screen.’
    • ‘She has left the safety of her home to explore the unknown, unheeding of the danger she may very well face.’
    • ‘Asia has always had its environmental activists, but often they have struggled without recognition against an unheeding system.’
    • ‘His knees flung forward, buckling under his weight, leaving him kneeling on the hard, unheeding cement.’
    • ‘Jumping on the back of an unsuspecting victim, she cut off its head, unheeding the blood spewing onto her.’
    reckless, rash, incautious, heedless, hasty, overhasty, precipitate, precipitous, impetuous, impulsive, daredevil, hot-headed
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