Definition of unhallowed in US English:



  • 1Not formally consecrated.

    ‘unhallowed ground’
    • ‘They'll bury the ashes in unmarked graves in unhallowed ground.’
    • ‘There are added felicities: traditionally, suicides were buried in unhallowed ground at crossroads, and what more impressive crossroads has the world ever seen than this?’
    • ‘The spirit of Jesus [challenged] class distinctions between the righteous few and the unhallowed many.’
    • ‘The book says much of the author, it reads: ‘To the Irish men and women and children who lie in unhallowed grounds in the sugar cane fields of Barbados’.’
    non-religious, lay, non-church, temporal, worldly, earthly, profane
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    1. 1.1 Unholy; wicked.
      ‘unhallowed retribution’
      • ‘Instead, her imagination led her to see - ‘with shut eyes, but acute mental vision ‘- ‘the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together.’’
      • ‘In that unhallowed place centuries before, show trials were held, unjust and corrupt, and many innocents were sentenced to slow, twitching deaths on the gibbet.’
      • ‘Victor knows that all of them would condemn his unhallowed endeavor to reanimate dead human tissue, so he sutures in the shadows, keeping his horrible handiwork a dark, Byronic secret.’
      • ‘Evidently there is quite a treasure chamber somewhere in the depths of this unhallowed place.’
      • ‘Alas, Busteed failed to persuade the jury that his client's story was quite as true as it was interesting, and the fame of The Pickwick Papers has in fact outlived that of the roving and unhallowed lust of Mrs. Beardsley.’