Definition of unguarded in US English:



  • 1Without protection or a guard.

    ‘the museum was unguarded at night’
    • ‘Just grab a typewriter or computer and find an unguarded copy machine and the situation is rectified.’
    • ‘With that said, the man slid away into the night, melting into the shadows, leaving an unsuspecting and unguarded Nicholas to fend for himself.’
    • ‘The mission would be fairly easy to complete, the village was simple and unguarded except for the night-watch that they had formed.’
    • ‘Over 90 percent of the antiques originating in Israel are antiques that have been looted from 30,000 different sites all over the country, most of them open and unguarded.’
    • ‘Debilitating injures were commonplace in work areas with slippery floors and stairways, and heavy unguarded machinery.’
    • ‘Looking down at the landscape, he saw unguarded storage tanks, refineries and chemical plants, all open and starkly vulnerable to attack.’
    • ‘I watched a rowdy group of gypsies enter the open, unguarded gates of Damar.’
    • ‘As if realizing they had some appointment they were late for the guards hurried down the corridor leaving Niko and I unguarded.’
    • ‘There were extra guards standing by the door at the front and an unguarded door at the back.’
    • ‘One of the complaints was lodged by a county councillor who claimed that the site was relatively open and unguarded at night.’
    • ‘The facility was unguarded because the Institute could not afford to pay a guard.’
    • ‘As a result, stocks of chemicals that are restricted or banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention are lying around unguarded, literally waiting for terrorists to take them.’
    • ‘I did manage once to tip a measure from an unguarded bottle into my ginger cordial but I was not too impressed with the resulting cocktail.’
    • ‘If you own stock in an insurance firm, pray that she doesn't come into contact with unguarded threshing machines.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, an unguarded access point can open up your network to people outside your company's four walls.’
    • ‘After the second one's comment, the two guards stopped at an unguarded doorway.’
    • ‘They had just been lying around out in the open, unguarded and ripe for the taking.’
    • ‘The offense momentarily has an unguarded player that gets an open shot.’
    • ‘Defense stays with their own man except when helping on the unguarded player or the player who is left open when someone else goes to guard the unguarded player.’
    • ‘She turned to see that the door to the prison was open and unguarded.’
    undefended, unprotected, defenceless, unfortified, unshielded, unarmed
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    1. 1.1 Not well considered; careless.
      ‘an unguarded remark’
      • ‘If presenters like Humphrys, who could in one unguarded moment destroy the corporation's reputation, do not follow instructions, might not that create the slackness that leads to disaster?’
      • ‘Since a lot of what we do is done for the benefit of others, trying to make good impressions, the few unguarded glimpses behind someone's persona are truly precious.’
      • ‘The apparently unguarded remarks, though not very presidential, did Kerry little harm and in some circles no doubt boosted his standing.’
      • ‘We desperately wanted her to utter some unguarded remark about ‘flies’ but that didn't happen either.’
      • ‘In perhaps my only unguarded moment since the beginning of time, I answered; ‘I was hoping you would say you liked me!’’
      • ‘And I can see the irony already here given the fact that at one particularly unguarded moment I happened to let slip to Fox that if I think Griffin has a flaw in his songwriting it's with his second verses.’
      • ‘This spirit encourages prying into individuals' thoughts and unguarded comments - while diverting attention from the issues that matter in our public life.’
      • ‘The greatest fear is that the European governing body's internal politics will scupper the bid: McConnell admitted as much last month in an unguarded remark.’
      • ‘And with the bulk of those e-mails passing between places of work, the potential for embarrassment, offence and even financial damage caused by unguarded messages is immense.’
      • ‘At some point in their careers, most broadcasters have made an unguarded comment when the fader was open and the mic was live.’
      • ‘There have been some unguarded comments by people in authority who should know better.’
      • ‘It really would be impossible if every unguarded remark were assumed to be attributable.’
      • ‘Others will feel that they are overhearing your most unguarded thoughts.’
      • ‘Can we say this as well, your Honours, that the statement of a predictive opinion, guarded or unguarded, is apt to induce more than one act of reliance.’
      • ‘His intervention follows unguarded comments by one Home Office minister last week who told a private meeting the government was guilty of ‘over-selling’ the value of the card system.’
      • ‘Unwise or unguarded email use is almost always the source of blame when a security breach of the company network occurs.’
      • ‘The child, though, was typically unguarded: ‘I think I'm a little scared of that.’’
      • ‘He was another personal favourite whose friendship shrivelled after a single unguarded remark.’
      • ‘Still, he watched her for clues, for signs, awkwardness, unguarded thoughts.’
      • ‘In an unguarded private moment last week, Cameron remarked on the passing of his famous constituent, Ronnie Barker, by recalling how their Oxfordshire estates bordered each other.’
      careless, ill-advised, ill-considered, incautious, thoughtless, unthinking, rash, foolhardy, foolish, indiscreet, imprudent, injudicious, ill-judged, ill-thought-out, unthought-out, unwise
      unwary, inattentive, unobservant, off guard, unmindful, unwatchful, unheeding, heedless, distracted, absent-minded
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