Definition of ungodly in US English:



  • 1Irreligious or immoral.

    ‘ungodly lives of self-obsession, lust, and pleasure’
    • ‘Cell phones, iPods, capitalism, and democracy - instruments of control will sequester ungodly urges.’
    • ‘If somebody wanted to sit down and have an espresso in a cafe, they shouldn't have to do it in the same place where people were doing such immoral and ungodly things as having a beer.’
    • ‘So where does your ungodly and corrupting tour of the world's backstreets and fleshpots take you this month?’
    • ‘‘She was a lesbian, so she was regarded as a man-hater and a freak, and something that was ungodly,’ says Broomfield.’
    • ‘There's something ungodly about it.’
    • ‘But vilifying a group, saying that they are evil, ungodly, unnatural or conspiring to take over the world is not sufficient.’
    • ‘Some ungodly evil force stepped in, intent on bringing about his death.’
    • ‘My explanation hereafter was declared ungodly and insane because, as he maintained, I had no right to discredit the role of prayer in soccer matches.’
    • ‘Gore has chosen to respond to the Republican attempts to portray the Clinton administration as immoral and ungodly by moving even farther to the right.’
    • ‘Apart from scandals that have rocked the sacred houses, there is an increase in the ungodly activities of the men of the pulpit and some of their flock.’
    • ‘We are a godly people, which makes our enemies ungodly, even demonic.’
    • ‘But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist have been stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.’
    • ‘Furthermore, I will never bring myself to describe such an intense and ungodly sight as this abomination of evil.’
    • ‘They compare civil union legislation to legalizing inter-racial marriage, which was also once considered ungodly and unnatural.’
    • ‘After an aide warned that using God's name would create the wrong impression, Blair complained that his team was a ‘most ungodly lot’.’
    • ‘The days are evil and the ungodly are against us.’
    • ‘The vague and tenuous hope that God is too kind to punish the ungodly has become a deadly opiate for the consciences of millions.’
    • ‘So we should not be pulled by strings of fear that the terrorists attach to our lives with their inhuman and ungodly acts.’
    • ‘As he commented that I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I suspect it's an ungodly act of Satan, I immediately felt I should respond in kind.’
    • ‘This ungodly revelation seems to fly in the face of his Christian faith, which he says did not play into his storyline, not on any conscious level anyway.’
    unholy, godless, irreligious, impious, blasphemous, sacrilegious, profane, heathen, pagan, atheistic, non-theistic, irreverent
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    1. 1.1informal Unreasonably early or inconvenient.
      ‘I've been troubled by telephone calls at ungodly hours’
      • ‘Drawing the short straw, Beattie was charged with leaving the hotel at an ungodly six o'clock in the morning to plug the van's parking meter.’
      • ‘You spend the ungodly early hours of the morning writing about hope for a world beyond empire, beyond greed, beyond humanity's frailty.’
      • ‘With your music and a recording studio at home, how do your neighbours react while you belt out music (and we all know you do it at an ungodly hour)?’
      • ‘They live on the margins, working ungodly hours on below minimum wages, almost not breathing in order to avoid detection.’
      • ‘Most of Philip's cheese comes from the west country, and once a month he gets up at the ungodly hour of 4.30 am for a round trip of the region in his refrigerated van.’
      • ‘Well, Elgin would have been forced into rising with the milkman had they departed Moray at some ungodly hour for an earlier start.’
      • ‘No, really, he did say this, but only because this writer forced him to say it at an ungodly early hour.’
      • ‘Unless you have the dubious pleasure of living right next door to an airport one of the biggest downsides of going on holiday is catching a flight at an ungodly hour of the day.’
      • ‘A flunky turned up with a fleet of coaches at some ungodly hour of the morning, and after an endless drive into the countryside, we were herded into an aircraft hangar in the middle of nowhere.’
      • ‘At some ungodly hour, Lutherans from all over the neighbourhood are summarily summoned to church by an extended barrage of random, vigorous and tuneless clanging.’
      • ‘Now, it is at this ungodly hour that I intended to book a date for my medical examination (if not for the frailties of technology).’
      • ‘And though most students may pour scorn on those who peel themselves out of bed at some ungodly hour to do the bidding of some midget cox, one must admire their strength.’
      • ‘Still, the prospect of turning up in Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory, at the ungodly hour of 4am provoked anxiety.’
      • ‘The girls are failing to make the transition and keep waking up in a cranky state at some ungodly hour that starts with a 5.’
      • ‘We set out at 5am, an ungodly hour for most people, but prime time for a morning person like myself.’
      • ‘Another sign that Christmas was coming was when we were woken up at a seemingly ungodly hour of the morning when it was still pitch black and freezing!’
      • ‘The hour of Franklin's bedtime is directly proportional to the ungodly early hour he wakes up in the morning.’
      • ‘I yawned as we sat, waiting for a plane ungodly early that morning.’
      • ‘I live in an historically apathetic precinct, so I was surprised to see so many people there at such an ungodly hour.’
      • ‘Is that really you posting at ungodly hours of the night?’
      unreasonable, preposterous, abnormal, extraordinary, absurd, ridiculous, horrendous, outrageous, unheard of
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