Definition of unfussy in US English:



  • Not fussy.

    ‘a simple unfussy design’
    • ‘Although crude by today's standards, this game is a thing of design perfection: simple, unfussy gameplay coupled with a beautifully designed look and excellent sound effects that still sound cool today.’
    • ‘Always intelligent, written in clean, unfussy lines that are satisfying to the tongue, these poems are worthy additions to a lifetime's work.’
    • ‘All the drama is in the pewter sequins (a glitzier colour would look trashy), and it is such a strong, unfussy dress, you don't even have to wear jewellery with it.’
    • ‘‘It is the plainness of his speech, the unfussy and unelaborate way he can express himself,’ Hugh said, to explain the writer's enduring appeal.’
    • ‘An unfussy, crystal-clear front page posts statements from the prime minister's official spokesman, directly after political journalists have been briefed.’
    • ‘All three retread familiar themes and narratives by their respective filmmakers, and use an exact, refined visual style that is unfussy and deceptively simple.’
    • ‘Whatever your tastes, they offer another option for those seeking clean, unfussy accommodation pitched somewhere between traditional urban hotels and gruesome city-centre hostels.’
    • ‘The office sits to the right of the front door and a beautifully unfussy skylight illuminates broad stairs leading to the bedrooms, bathroom and first-floor sitting room.’
    • ‘They go for feel and function, leaning towards seam free, simple, unfussy styles.’
    • ‘Light, fruity, exceptionally unfussy and clean, this is a refreshing lunchtime wine for summer - and a welcome addition to any cellar.’
    • ‘Its phones have always been among the more elegant on the market, reflecting a certain Scandinavian love of unfussy, almost austere design.’
    • ‘Paying homage to a selection of design concepts, this ultra-stylish place is described as ‘New York loft meets vintage chic’, a modern, unfussy combination that harmonises beautifully.’
    • ‘The resultant space is large, airy, unfussy, restrained.’
    • ‘In your case, a plain and unfussy bag will look far more chic than a decorative item.’
    • ‘Unflouncy apart from a touch of frill at the back, this winner sported a demure v-neck, sleek, unfussy hair and understated makeup.’
    • ‘It is an unfussy, under-stated portrayal of a spirited and rebellious individual who is not prepared to play out the cards life has dealt her.’
    • ‘The menu still changes daily, depending upon what fresh ingredients are to hand, and the rustic touches and attentive but unfussy service that make eating here so enjoyable are still much in evidence.’
    • ‘For formal dining, Restaurant Caledonian offers a contemporary Scottish menu with locally sourced ingredients prepared with an eye for fresh, unfussy cooking.’
    • ‘We stayed in the spa resort, where the rooms are unfussy and contemporary, and the spa - with a pool, fitness suite, sauna, steam room and solarium - is just downstairs.’
    • ‘New Heights, for instance, which makes good-quality, unfussy wooden furniture, has dining tables and chairs, as well as sideboards, with or without dresser tops.’
    plain, unadorned, undecorated, unembellished, unornamented, without ornament, without ornamentation, unelaborate, unpretentious, unostentatious, no-nonsense, basic, modest, unsophisticated, penny plain, without frills, honest, homely, homespun, everyday, workaday
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