Definition of unfoundedly in US English:



  • See unfounded

    • ‘Not only that, you also bug me because of your lack of tact in unconstructively attempting to rubbish a purchase someone has made - the camera does exactly what he wants and needs it to do - why unfoundedly slate it at all?’
    • ‘It will hurt those who have imposed on the British taxpayer needlessly, fraudulently, frivolously, maliciously and unfoundedly.’
    • ‘The most effective and educated way to encourage acceptance of one way of life is hardly to unfoundedly denounce others.’
    • ‘Your article, unfoundedly, paints a very gloomy picture of what is, in fact, a great opportunity for Canadian investment.’
    • ‘Yet Virginia Beach policy, which O'Reilly unfoundedly blames for the death of the two girls, is in complete accordance with the Virginia state code.’