Definition of unforced error in US English:

unforced error


  • 1(in sports, especially tennis) a mistake in play that is attributed to one's own failure rather than to the skill or effort of one's opponent.

    ‘she made 88 unforced errors, including a double fault on match point’
    • ‘They both are power players, which usually leads to a lot of unforced errors.’
    • ‘At the same time, I think this is what we call in baseball an unforced error.’
    • ‘The game was still close, balancing on a handful of mistimed shots and unforced errors.’
    • ‘Both cuemen made countless unforced errors, missed easy pots, and failed to take break-building chances.’
    • ‘When losing or in a pressure situation, they would commit unforced errors, so I didn't get tired playing them.’
    1. 1.1 A careless or foolish mistake.
      ‘how can he portray himself as a leader-in-waiting when he makes that sort of unforced error?’