Definition of unfilial in US English:



  • Not having or showing the qualities associated with a son or daughter.

    • ‘Either is possible, because the disheartening news about unfilial children still alerts me to the possibility of the son turning his back on his mother.’
    • ‘Faculty who object to the decisions of clerical leaders can seem unfilial.’
    • ‘Parents also begged the girls not to reveal the parents' involvement in the indenture to the police, and accused the girls of being unfilial if they did.’
    • ‘That was unfilial conduct, Mencius said, but compared to not getting married at all, and having no offspring, that was not important.’
    • ‘Another tells the story of an old man deserted by his unfilial daughters and which has some similarity to Shakespeare's ‘King Lear’.’
    • ‘Mencius, a Confucian master even said: ‘There are three things which are unfilial, and to have no posterity is the greatest of them.’’
    • ‘The older brother's lack of filial virtue is stressed likewise by his unfilial attitude towards his mother's death, and his killing of the dog, which, of course, is his mother in another guise.’
    • ‘If he is remembered at all, it is as the domestic monster in the unfilial literary classic, Father and Son.’