Definition of unfeminine in US English:



  • Not having or showing qualities traditionally associated with women.

    • ‘People, including many women, tend to picture feminists as unfeminine and men-hating, which is not true, Summers said.’
    • ‘She attributes her accomplishments to the far-sightedness of her father who not only encouraged her in academics but also stood steadfast in his support of her profession that was dubbed unfeminine.’
    • ‘This wonderful guy also had me convinced that I was physically repulsive, unutterably stupid, and had the worst, most unfeminine personality on the planet.’
    • ‘When women and girls act in anti-social ways, it tends to be treated as unfeminine, and even as a pathological problem.’
    • ‘To make a fuss about sexual injustice is more than unfeminine; it is now uncool.’
    • ‘And to be unfeminine - too masculine, in other words - is to invite savage personal attacks, intense scrutiny, and conjectures about one's sexuality.’
    • ‘A woman being called unfeminine may take different forms.’
    • ‘Women usually get the message that anger is unpleasant and unfeminine.’
    • ‘Hairy legs on women is considered unfeminine, although it is completely natural.’
    • ‘She practices magic, engages in unfeminine pursuits such as skinning animals, and is associated with an implicitly masculine savagery and violence that the book locates in nature.’
    • ‘Suddenly feeling very unfeminine and out-of-place in her jeans and t-shirt, Mel subconsciously ran her hands over her clothes to smooth out the wrinkles.’
    • ‘I am still aghast at the pathological curiosity Indian people have about me: my pink face, big nose, strange coloured hair and unfeminine dress code of pyjamas, bandaged feet, curta and bandanna.’
    • ‘When I wasn't starving myself I was actually trying to put weight on, because I felt like an unfeminine freak.’
    • ‘Women have been socialized so strongly to become mothers that we often feel guilty, unfeminine or a failure if we are not sure whether we want children.’
    • ‘More plausible is the idea that social factors are important: where a boy may be proud of his mathematical ability, one can imagine a girl being embarrassed to excel at a pursuit that is perceived as unfeminine.’
    • ‘They say that stupidity in a woman is unfeminine, and letting an opponent know what you are thinking is more than stupid.’
    • ‘Her character, Havers, is drab and unfeminine, a misfit on the force, but the police she met were quite different.’
    • ‘But, for many of my female classmates, their desire to succeed as lawyers was surpassed by their fear of being seen as unfeminine.’
    • ‘I think the folks at Columbia are calling me unfeminine.’
    • ‘The long War years had made men out of women, who were called upon to do utterly male jobs and had to, therefore, often wear unflattering and unfeminine clothes.’
    masculine, aggressively masculine, manly, all man, virile, red-blooded, swashbuckling
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